Travel in 2022: Best Tourist Attractions to See in Bari

words Alexa Wang

If you have been thinking about doing some traveling, particularly to Greece, you might want to consider making a few stops along the way, such as Bari. Bari is a port city that can be found in Italy, and as such, many people use it to travel to Greece, specifically along with ferries.

Bari is connected to several Greek ports, and if you’re interested in such an adventure, you can book ferry tickets at Let’s Ferry.  Finding places to travel to can be quite tough, especially if you haven’t done much traveling before, however, Bari is a great place to start. Below you can learn about some of the most popular tourist attractions in Bari if you have been thinking about going.

Bari old town

Bari Vecchia

The very first place that you should visit when going to Bari would be the actual town of Bari, otherwise referred to as the old town. Walking around the twisting, narrow streets, and getting lost among the old houses is an experience within itself. However, since the area is relatively small, you can easily find your way again. What makes this even more of an experience is the fact that you can see the locals going about their business, making food in the streets.

Teatro Petruzzelli

The next tourist attraction that is an absolute must-see, especially if you are a music or theatre lover, is Teatro Petruzzelli. This theatre was constructed in 1903 and happens to be the fourth largest in Italy. Unfortunately, in 1991, the theatre was destroyed in a fire but was then completely rebuilt to look exactly like the original. Famous artists have performed here, such as Rudolf Nureyev, Liza Minelli, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Luciano Pavarotti, and more.


If you fancy yourself to be a history lover, then there is one stop you will need to make whilst you are in Bari, and that is the Castello. As the name might suggest, the Castello is a castle, and it was reconstructed in 1233, but later converted into a palace in the 16th century. It is a sight to behold, since not only is it large, the corner towers and bastions that were added during the conversion make it look even bigger. If you visit, you can see the museum inside that house’s temporary art exhibitions and Apulian-Norman sculptures.

Bari trip

San Sabino

Another interesting site for history lovers would be San Sabino, which is a cathedral church. What makes this site interesting is the fact that the Byzantine cathedral that originally stood there was destroyed in 1156, and the newer building was built on top of it, and was completed near the end of the 12th century. Inside the church, you can find the remains and relics of various saints, including Saint Columbia. More than this, underneath the church, is an excavation that shows the history of Byzantine, Rome, and Greece.


One of the most incredible experiences that you can have, is walking through the town of Altamura, which can be found just south of Bari. The town itself is quite picturesque, with random arches in the narrow alleyways, and flowerbeds hanging from windows. In Altamura, you can see the old cathedral that was built in 1231 by Frederick II. More than this, you can see the markets, which by themselves are a sight to behold, and what’s more, is that this will allow you to experience the local cuisine.

San Nicola

Of all the tourist attractions in Bari, the most popular is probably San Nicola, which is a basilica that was constructed to preserve the relics of St. Nicholas. The church itself took quite a long time to build, with construction beginning in 1087 and only ending in 1197. There are many things to be seen inside the basilica, such as a marble bishops’ throne, the altar of Madonna with Saints, a 12th-century tabernacle, a silver altar within the crypt, and more.

Borgo Murattiano

Finally, the last entry on this list is Borgo Murattiano, which is the commercial and business center of Bari. What’s so interesting about this area of Bari is the combination of buildings, all of which are influenced by different periods. For example, some architecture displays the influence of the end of the 19th century, whereas other architecture shows the influence of the early 19th century. Whilst you are in Borgo Murattiano, you can do some shopping on the famous Via Sparano street.


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