Unusual things you can do in Rome that you will love

Unusual things you can do in Rome that you will love – words Alexa Wang

Rome is an incredible travel destination that is filled with emotional people, monuments, fantastic restaurants and ancient history. There are countless tours available for those that want to visit and lists of the best things to do in Rome feature so many interesting recommendations.

People really want to see the Pantheon, the Colosseum and Fontana di Trevi but if you are interested in going off-the-path, exploring more of Rome is something you want to do. There are attractions practically everywhere you look. Do you want to do something different? Here are some lovely unusual things that you can easily enjoy once in Italy’s capital.

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The Vegan Cat Café

In Rome there is a lovely vegan cat café, Romeow Cat Café, a place that has an incredible interior that perfectly complements the cats that will run around you having fun. Even just 30 minutes spent here, eating some vegan cake as you pet a cat can be incredible. Just make sure that you do actually leave since there are countless other options available.

Ostiense Street Art

You might want to seriously consider a street art tour in Rome since there are incredible places that you want to take pictures of. Few people think about this but Rome will surely surprise you. There are some districts where art pieces and murals are incredible, like Quadraro and Pigneto.

If you want to enjoy street art, you definitely need to go to Ostiense. Different styles are covered and street artists often want to grab a mural and have some fun.

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The Pyramid Of Cestius

Few people know this but in Rome there is a pyramid that is 2,000 years old, the Pyramid of Cestius. When tourists first see it, they are surprised. The impression it leaves is deep and it moves the imagination. You are simply left wondering why the construction of a pyramid from Egypt happened in Rome.

The reason why the pyramid was built was to incorporate some Egyptian imagery and relics into the lives of people. Basically, everything was a wish to add foreign inspiration. It was built as the resting place of Gaius Cestius.

St Paul’s Outside The Wall

Most tourists know just one St. Paul but there are countless churches that have this name around the world. However, in Rome you do want to experience the Basilica of St. Paul. This is a given. What is usually not considered is seeing it from the back, right outside the walls.

The House Of The Owls

Finding places that are popular among locals but not necessarily tourists is always an experience. This is because of the fact that you get to experience local life without the influence of other countries, places you cannot find in guide books. This is exactly why you should visit House of the Owls. It is an unexpected and truly surreal sight placed right inside a neo-Classical villa.

The Appian Way

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Via Appia has to be visited once in Rome because it is a perfect space that is quiet and perfect after the long flight. Go walk the Appian Way as the experience is relaxing and the road is an ancient trip down history. You can see countless ancient monuments and green spaces, lining the pathway. It is simply perfect for those that travel with their family and want to have a quiet experience.

Visit The MAXXI

Do you want to see some modern art? If so, visit the National Museum of the 21st Century Arts, MAXXI. You will take a tram and will be away from the city centre but you can enjoy pieces from international and locally recognized artists. This is a museum that is entertaining and fun, quite an unexpected experience. It is not free but it should be seen as many actually consider it among the best art galleries in the world.

The Coppede District

Similarly to the above mentioned House of the Owls, in the Coppede neighbourhood you can see many different unpredictable, unusual and odd buildings. Many are lavishly decorated with designs and imagery that do not match but do look great. You are tempted to think you are in Spain because of all the color you enjoy walking down the streets but you are still in Rome.


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