4 Trending Ways to Revamp Your Fireplace Decor

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Revamp Fireplace

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The cold season is coming through which means it’s that time of the year to decorate the fireplaces. Many still do not see the importance of fireplace decorations because they just see it as simply an area where the fire is made that is meant to keep people inside the house warm. However, fireplaces are more than just all that.

Nowadays, house makeovers have become a thing for many, and are now considering upgrading their fireplaces. This is because they see it as part of their house that will also gather attention alongside the other areas of the house. There are newer designs made for the fireplaces today that are catered to suit trending interior designs such as the minimalist, industrial and contemporary.

What most failed to realize about fireplaces is that they are good centerpieces especially if you have run out of ideas on what to put on your bare walls. So, it is only reasonable to put a lot of effort into beautifying it. After all, aside from being an area of practical use, it could bring life to the living room as well.

Below are the following trends for fireplace layouts that you can use as inspiration for your renovation or decoration:

Making your fireplace bigger

Just as homeowners want to keep themselves warm while watching their favorite television series or films by placing their large televisions near the fireplace. To enhance the ambiance, they improve the fireplace by making it bigger. However, be reminded that regardless of the size, the result of the heat would still be similar.

This is your sign to make your fireplace according to the size that perfectly complements the size of your television. Make sure that there’s enough space for the television so that you can still watch your shows with ease. 

Experiment with bolder patterns

Since electric fireplaces have entered the scene, many fireplace owners have integrated abstract patterns and unique layouts for the background. This is good to make your fireplace stand out in the living room or wherever it is placed within your home. The pattern will also depend on how wide the space is allocated for the fireplace.

Asymmetrical patterns and minimalist styles are embraced as of today, so many are leaning into wooden shelves and plants for a more environmental vibe. Since electric fireplaces give a sleek yet neat vibe, make sure that they are matched with a design that allows them to shine. 

The comeback of the traditional styles

Even when there are fireplaces with modern style and infused with advanced technological features, some homeowners would still opt for the traditional fireplace look. However, some are looking for a combination of the old and new. They want a slimmer fireplace but have space for actual fire, or those traditional fireplaces with non-realistic fire.

Good news! There’s a fireplace available that can satisfy their demands. Of course, the traditional-looking fireplaces will always be timely and attractive especially since they can complement any wall design. The yellowish-orange hues of the flames give off the same ambiance as the actual fire.

But some homeowners prefer the multicolored flames and want to control how the flames should appear, only with a traditional exterior. As of today, there are many models of fireplaces distributed that have entirely changed how fireplaces used to look.

Wall designs for fireplaces are pretty much suitable with traditional decoration, usually with shelves and cabinets. They give off a cozy and vintage feel as if you’ve traveled back in time when such styles were prominent in every home. It just gives the classic impression of a traditional home but with a touch of technology. 

Promoting fire that is safe for the environment

Warming our home doesn’t have to contribute to the global warming of our planet. We have to adapt to ways that can reduce carbon emissions as well as transform our activities in our daily routine. Climate change is a direct result of our continuous dependence on actions that speed up the Earth’s warming process.

One big contributor to global warming is our high reliance on fossil fuels such as coal. As responsible homeowners, we can switch to electric fireplaces which do not require using non-renewable resources like fossil fuels. Combustion doesn’t occur when using electric fireplaces as alternatives to the traditional ones. It’s a good thing that many are already shifting to electric than gas fireplaces. This may seem to be just a small step but it’s worth the change, considering the amount of our carbon footprint being released daily.

Final thoughts

Fireplaces at home don’t have to stay all dusty and just be used during the cold seasons of the year. Make the area grab attention by inserting a custom fireplace decor or look for possible ways to transform the look of the fireplace. As much as possible, make it seem as if it can still look very inviting even without the need to display fire.


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