Ideas for Celebrating Father’s Day During Lockdown

words Alexa Wang

Father’s Day is just around the corner, but this year will not be your typical Father’s Day due to the Coronavirus and Government lockdown.

It is hard to say what the situation will be at the time, but you will certainly want to consider ways that you can make it special during what has been a difficult time for everyone and especially if you are not quarantined with him.

Ideas if You Are Together

If you are in the same household as your father then it will be slightly easier to celebrate, but it will still not be quite the same as you won’t be able to go out for lunch, go down the pub or spend it outside of the home. There are ways that you can make it special, however, such as cooking dinner for him, playing board games and perhaps doing something creative together if he enjoys arts and crafts.

Ideas if You Are Apart

Of course, many people will be away from their dad this Father’s Day but there are still ways that you can make it special. A video call will be the best way to speak to him on the day and this could include other members of the family and playing games together, but you could also drop off a care package for him at the house with his favourite things – this might include chocolates, beer, magazines and anything else that he might like.

Additionally, you could have Father’s day gifts sent directly to the house and items which he would not ordinarily buy himself and he will enjoy during lockdown. It will depend on his interests and hobbies, but a few ideas include a home brewing kit, sketchbooks, art supplies, board games and anything else that he might enjoy.

Making Plans for the Future

Another good idea whether you are together or apart is to make plans for how you can celebrate together when the lockdown ends and things start to return to normal. Many people are feeling low because their events have been cancelled, so having an event planned down the line could lift his spirits and give you all something to look forward to.

This year’s Father’s Day will be different to what you are used to, but there are still ways that you can show your love and have a nice day whether you are together or not and this will be particularly valuable in a time when family is so important.


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