The Top Sexual Health and Wellness Trends for Couples in 2022

words Al Woods

The last few years have been difficult for couples. They may have spent too much time together, or maybe they’ve been apart. Relationships always require hard work and communication. The trends in relationships, love, and sex have expanded. In 2022, there are plenty of different ways to work on your relationships. Whether there are intimacy issues or physical ones, below are the top sexual health and wellness trends for couples in 2022.

Sexual Health relationship

Family Planning

Family planning has never been more a part of the lexicon. It has gone from a stigmatized issue to something that has been accepted as a component of every relationship. Whether it is contraception, trying to become pregnant, or getting tested for sexually transmitted infections (STI), family planning has become a trend for couples in 2022. Now it is a part of sexual health and wellness. When it comes to love, sex, and family planning, all these things are related to each other. Family planning is essential to sexual health and wellness.

Setting Boundaries

One thing that wasn’t as common as it is today is the conversation surrounding setting boundaries. Boundaries are incredibly important for any relationship. If you are clear about your boundaries with your partner, they will better understand you and what you want. Furthermore, if you set rigid boundaries and the person tries to cross them, you will be able to pick up on patterns and escape possibly abusive situations. Setting boundaries is a trend that couples are emphasizing in sexual health and wellness more frequently.

Exploring Sexually

Another change is that sexual exploration is being accepted. Every relationship needs to keep it fresh in the bedroom. Communication is everything. If you communicate what each of you wants, you can better explore your bodies and enjoy each other. It’s important to approach new experiences thoughtfully; for example, when trying anal sex. It’s essential to use plenty of proper lube for anal sex, ensuring comfort and safety for everyone involved. Whatever you are trying out, couples need to explore sexually and be clear about what each person likes and doesn’t like. You could use adult sex toys, roleplay, or focus on foreplay. Whatever you are both into, sexual exploration is a trend for couples that is being accepted in 2022.

Sexual Health Wellness

Couples Counseling

For too long, therapy and counseling were stigmatized. Nowadays, people understand that so many people need therapy and there is no reason to be afraid or think it’s abnormal. A great trend is that couples are going to counseling. It doesn’t matter whether things are going well or not, going to therapy as a couple and receiving counseling is a trend emphasized in sexual and wellness. Couples counseling is a great way to communicate and work through problems.

Limiting Pornography

Another thing is becoming a trend for sexual health and wellness in couples is limiting pornography. If one of the partners is watching a lot of pornography, it can badly affect the relationship. Not only can it impact the sex of the couple, but it will also impact the intimacy. It has become a trend to avoid pornography. This is a modern problem. Pornography is easily accessible and there is an endless amount of content on the internet. It can become a huge problem for couples, especially when there is addiction to pornography involved.

Couples are experiencing a renaissance in sexual health and wellness. Stigma surrounding these issues has gone down. People are understanding the reality of love, sex, and relationships. With sexual health and wellness trends becoming more a part of the mainstream, couples are changing the way they communicate and relate to each other.

So much of the sexual and wellness trends in 2022 have to do with intimacy. Intimacy is what humans really crave. Sex is a part of intimacy, but it is typically an expression of it. Whether the couple is focused on family planning, setting boundaries, exploring sexually, going to couple’s counseling, or limiting pornography, they are focusing on communication and intimacy. 

The sexual health and wellness trends of 2022 won’t be trends for long. They will become a part of the way we interact with each other, communicate, relate, and create more intimate and successful relationships. So, if you are craving a better relationship, using these trends to make a better relationship and life is a way to implement these practices in your day-to-day life. 


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