Forever watches for men 2019

words Alexa Wang

If you could only buy three watches to wear for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?
While this may be like choosing a favorite child for some, others would immediately be able to choose their desert island watches. Which camp are you?

Collecting luxury watches is, for most people, a labor of love. Obviously, if you have that special watch that has been handed down for generations, it is going to make your list of three best watches to collect.

Luxury watch fans know that price is not the most important thing, and honestly there are many watches under $3,000 that are iconic enough to be part of a luxury collection.

Use this article to choose functional, historical, and stylish watches that define you as a collector and as a person.

For Function

Breitling Superocean Chronograph watches are the epitome of functional. Featuring a self-winding functionality and a unidirectional rotating bezel to calculate dive times, the case of the Breitling Superocean Chronograph is water resistant to 660 feet (200 m). The dial is highly legible, as it is meant to be used underwater.

The hands are large and luminescent, as are the numerals. Resolutely sporty, the Breitling Superocean is great on dry land too, and goes from tennis court to cocktails effortlessly with its youthful, contemporary style.

Worn by professional poker players, musicians, and free divers as well as aviators, the functionality of the Superocean is only surpassed by its durability.

For History

Considered by some to be the finest wristwatch ever made, the Rolex GMT Master is iconic in the pre-owned market for maintaining and even increasing in value. With Rolex’s reputation for generational watch making, the GMT Master is very comfortable as well as rugged and hard wearing. The style is classic, with understated elegance that is perfect for sport, work, or formal wear.

Originally developed for Pan Am Airways for use by their pilots in 1954, the GMT Master was the first wristwatch with the ability to show two time zones at once.

Look for the 50th Anniversary Edition, released in 2005 with cosmetic and functional improvements as well. This edition features a larger case, hands, and hour markers along with scratch and fade resistant finishes.

For the Style

A cultural icon for style and sophistication, the Bvlgari Assioma may be an interesting choice, but for the style portion of a three-watch collection, this one ticks all the boxes. The elegantly sculpted stainless steel case is complimented by an alligator bracelet strap.

Stick-style hour markers and silver hands contribute to the overall sleek, sexy feel of the Bvlgari Assioma, the ultimate in refined watch style. Worn by supermodels, Hollywood icons, and sports professionals, Bvlgari is a fashion icon as well as a luxury watch brand.

The watch is self-winding and includes a date display on the larger-than-life 48 mm case. Make the most of this watched when dressed to the nines for a night out or if you want to impress in the boardroom accompanying a three-piece suit.

Finely detailed, the dial features raised hour markers complemented by curved lugs which mold the case to the wrist, just as a fine sports car would hug the road.

Nothing less than a masterpiece, the Bvlgari Assioma is an excellent part of any collection no matter the size.

Always Be Yourself

Above all, make your three-watch collection about your own style, taste, and interests. Consider the size of your wrist and your daily life as well as your wardrobe. Budget can also be a factor – we can’t all afford a brand new Longines. Thankfully there is a robust pre-owned market for luxury watches just waiting for you to create your dream three-watch collection.


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