How Can You Be Environmentally Friendly?

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Environmentally Friendly

Being environmentally friendly is important to ensure the longevity of the Earth. In recent years, scientists have uncovered harrowing findings that suggest the Earth cannot sustain much more of the damage we are doing to it.

For this reason, it is important that each and every single one of us become more environmentally friendly and more willing to help to make a change. If we do not start acting together and globally fixing what we have already done, there will surely be more devastating, life-changing, and serious effects to come. The global climate is already on a steep incline, and many scientists are actively pursuing ways to get humanity to Mars as they predict Earth cannot stand much more of what we have been doing to it.

Here are some simple ways in which we can help our Mother Nature be healthier, and us along with her.

Wear Recycled Clothes This Summer

In recent years, a huge subculture of people has gathered together to promote the use of one-hundred percent recycled clothing. This clothing extends from underwear to suits, to swimwear. And as seen on, ethical swimwear is now on trend for the upcoming summer. These swimwear designs are made with new eco-friendly swimwear fabric made from natural biomass that is discarded crab and shrimp shells or even materials recovered from our oceans like fishing nets. Wearing 100% recycled clothing allows the big industry to stop pumping out clothes that are not degradable and putting harmful chemicals and toxins into the air from factories.

By wearing recycled clothing you are supporting an industry that promotes environmentally friendly methods and helps to keep the Earth clean and healthy. Rather than purchasing clothes fashioned from new fabric that have spent hundreds of man-hours being made and have likely been made by employing the use of sweatshops, try wearing environmentally friendly, one-hundred percent bona fide recyclable clothing. There is no lack in quality, nor should it be considered to be something worn by people who are cheap or frugal. You can find really high-quality clothing made from all manner of materials.

Many big fashion designers have also started selling environmentally friendly recycled clothing in their flagship stores, and thus the trend has begun; hopefully, it will continue, and we will see huge changes in the way clothes are made and purchased, all in the name of protecting the environment and keeping Mother Earth safe. Instead of throwing away your user’s clothes, try to recycle them, too. By recycling your clothes you will also be contributing to keeping Earth clean and in tip-top condition. You can also earn quite a bit of money recycling your clothes.

Go Plastic-Free

Plastic is a man-made synthetic substance that cannot ever truly degrade and wreaks untold havoc on the Earth. Every single year, millions of marine animals and marine life die because of the huge amount of plastic in the Earth’s oceans, whether they ingest it, or get trapped in it, plastic is truly an evil that is no longer necessary. There are so many alternatives to plastic you can use and by going plastic-free you will really be contributing to a movement designed to stop the pollution of the Earth’s waterways and the devastation of the entire Earth with this killer synthetic.

Plastic is terrible and can be replaced by hemp or other naturally occurring substances. Hemp is fantastic in that you can make virtually anything out of it and using hemp bags can be a cheap alternative to using plastic bags. Hemp is widely available, not too expensive, and many retailers are now offering their own hemp bags as an alternative to the plastic crisis. Plastic is so dangerous because, as aforementioned, it can never degrade, and it will simply lie there until a poor animal ingests it or it or gets trapped in it. Plastic must go.

Stop Supporting Animal Cruelty

Another way to be more environmentally friendly is to stop wilfully supporting animal cruelty. Eat more organic meat, if you must eat meat at all, and make sure you choose your organic meat from reputable vendors, as many so-called organic meat suppliers are simply peddling chlorinated meat that is terrible for you and does not nourish you the way that it should.

By choosing to eat organic food you ensure that the animals have had a good quality of life and have been grass-fed thus meaning they are not caged or trapped.

Organic free-range food is a guaranteed way to support the environment and keeps animals happy and healthy. Eating meat is bad enough without knowing that the animal has spent its entire life suffering to feed you. It is also known to taste better, which is an added bonus for all of you meat-eaters out there!

Be sure to purchase your environmentally friendly goods strictly from reputable retailers to avoid being bamboozled into thinking you are purchasing environmentally when rather you are simply falling victim to fraudulent activities and the ploys of manipulative companies tricking people.


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