Points to ponder if you want to make it as a wedding photographer

Points to ponder if you want to make it as a wedding photographer – words Alexa Wang

How in this world beauty is spread over here and there that perhaps seeing all you want to remain in them, about Mother Nature we are talking. But it is not possible perhaps because they all are in wilds whether streams, colorful flowers, birds and other things. Not everyone can go there and experience it. Though it feels totally phenomenal when we really experience the things we talk about.

Visiting in the earlier times was hard and took long times. Whether people traveled by feet or in cartwheels, only then they see and experience the outer world that was beyond their imagination. When they see all the phenomenal things, they only took the memories with them of those places.

But now, thanks to modern technology you can again see them, not in memories but in photographs. With the invention of the camera everything has changed. You can capture whatever you want to capture. A picture makes everything near to you. That’s the power of a camera.

wedding photographer careerPhotography is a vast field but we here talk about only wedding photography and some reality checks about this career for those aspirants who want to make their career in it:

Wedding in India being big, lavish and havish catch everyone’s attention, and those wedding couples also want to make their weddings an affair to remember like everyone talks about them. Weddings are always like this in India with so many rituals and traditions, and a very important event in a couple’s life and their families. It doesn’t happen again and again. Wedding is like once in a lifetime affair.

And why a couple doesn’t want their wedding to be photographed when they are making it so big? Those wedding moments, rituals and tradition everything can get caught in a reel provided you can see it again and again whenever you want to. Hence being a wedding photographer is a big career and you can earn pretty much high with years of experience and your skills.

But for those wedding photographers who are just starting in the field, it is a little bit difficult for them. With zest and enthusiasm, they enter but in the middle of the career, they lose confidence and hope and turn away from it.

Hence for candidates like these, we are telling some reality checks about this field and how you should start in this provided you can become a successful wedding photographer.

wedding photographerFirst, know yourself: rather than seeing your friends’ success in the wedding photography field, don’t enter into this career. Yeah, it is okay to get inspired and motivated but take that in mind not everyone can become successful in wedding photography business until or unless you have a little bit of passion towards it or you can say liking. If you really have that charisma and spark for this field, only then come into it. Otherwise, you could get ruined. That’s why we say, “First know yourself”.

Apprenticeship: it is one of the best solutions that you can do with yourself if you are looming in self-doubt whether you should take up this career or not. Doing apprenticeship with an experienced and professional wedding photographer can present real facts before you and you can also analyze whether you are made for this field or not.

Talk with an experienced wedding photographer: other thing that you can do is to talk with an experienced wedding photographer or to whomever you consider your ideal. If you get the opportunity to talk face to face then it is really very beneficial. Talking to a consultant or professional wedding photographer can clear your all doubts and confusions.

Start clicking: if you want to experience photography whether you really like it or not doing. It is better advised that you should start clicking, capturing photographs in weddings. And you don’t need a high-end camera for it. You can start with your mobile phone or can borrow a friend’s camera. Do it for a week and you would come to conclusion whether you really want to be a wedding photographer or someone else.

Read any career guide on wedding photography: besides all that, you can also read a career guide on wedding photography in which detailed information all be given provided you can know all the aspects of this job like what it entails, what being like a wedding photographer, how much you can earn, where you will be in 5 years when you work dedicatedly and other questions can get cleared out if you read a best career guide on it.

Hence all the broader points we have told you that how you can check whether you really have that spark for wedding photography or not. These are some of the best ways to check a wedding photographer in you. Although on the other hand, other unnamed factors also decide your potential which vary person to person. But our first point is very valid “know yourself”.

Besides all that, if you have started your career and want to get business then you can register yourself on Shaadidukaan, which is India’s fastest growing online wedding platform which provides listing for photographers like wedding photographers in Kolkata. If registered on this platform, people can search you city and vendor category wise.


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