Why Square Sunglasses Make A Versatile Choice For Eyewear

words Alexa Wang

In the world of fashion, sunglasses are the ultimate accessory that serves both form and function. Whether it be protection for a warm sunny day or the finishing touch to elevate an outfit, the eyepiece never fails to make a purposeful statement. 

Being an accessory, it is a given that sunnies come in all shapes, colors, designs, and sizes. However, as much as it is true that they come in variations that suit several different needs, an overlooked fact is that there is one type that is superior to the rest. 

Round frames and even triangular ones might look fun and fashionable, but eventually, they are overthrown by the versatility and style of the square sunglass. If you are torn about which pair to get and are even taking into consideration numerous factors, such as your face shape, longevity, design, and wow factor, well, you are about to get a load taken off of your shoulders.

We can already tell you that you should consider a pair of square sunglasses as your main frame. This article will explain why these particular sunnies are the most versatile and stylish out of the bunch.

Square Sunglasses

It’s A Classic

While the eyepiece in itself is already a wardrobe staple, the square design is an iconic fashion classic. Ever since its conception, it has been portrayed as a boxy accessory that helps shield you from the sun stylishly while keeping you mysteriously obscure from view. It was in its square form in almost every utilization on the big and small screens.

The sleek and bold design of square sunglasses can make anyone appear timeless. You will definitely stand out and look amazing while wearing one. It can even become part of your signature look, blending seamlessly with any item of clothing. So, to make sure you have an elegant accessory that will stand the test of time, invest in a less-rounded pair of sunnies. 

Best For Men And Women

Admittedly, accessorizing for men is a whole ordeal. Most struggle with getting the right balance of masculine and stylish and fail terribly because they don’t know how to pull it off. While enhancing men’s fashion is yet to be a perfected craft, none of them can ever go wrong with a good old sturdy pair of square sunglasses.

Shades have been a must-have for wardrobes of all kinds, and one of the best things about square-framed kinds is that they are inclusive for any person and style. For men’s square sunglasses, it can even escalate their masculinity and make them look dashing with a certain allure. Additionally, they are versatile enough to be exchanged between sexes, neither being too feminine nor masculine for one’s taste. It’s the perfect mix; you’ll get the most use out of such an all-around piece.

Ideal Coverage

Despite being a fantastic accessory, sunglasses do much more than just enhance a look. It is primarily used to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays and does so effectively with more coverage. Additionally, it fulfills this while being a stylish piece.

Square-shaped shades are the optimal choice for sun protection since the form has excellent coverage that better encompasses the face’s sides. In addition, it helps shield a larger area surrounding the eyes to serve its function best. 

Excellent Range of Sizes

Adding to its functionality as sun protection, square sunglasses also come in different sizes to suit varying styles. Aside from having more or less coverage, the variations in dimensions of sharp sunnies also make a better fashion statement than the other shapes. 

For example, frames that are more round or oblong most often only look good in a specific size; otherwise, they will appear comical. Whereas square sunglasses only look bolder when bigger and chic when smaller. Therefore, it is a highly versatile choice not just in its different styles but in looking fashionable in any measurement. 

It Suits All Face Shapes

There has been much discussion about choosing the right frame for your face shape or according to the look you want to achieve. For instance, it is often advised that people should go for contrast, so those with softer, rounder features should go for sharper and edgier shades and vice versa. While all of these tips are substantial, there is no doubt that every face shape can benefit from square sunglasses. 

The circles, ovals, and oblongs will find that a thick-edged pair of sunnies will complement and balance their delicate features beautifully. However, if they did want a more subdued look, it could still be achieved with square shades that have rounded edges. On the other hand, those with more carved faces can benefit just as well from the same shape of sunglasses without emphasizing their sharp attributes. It’s all about finding the right type to round off one’s assets. 

A Multitude of Designs

The square shape on its own is an exquisite choice that will suit anybody and any outfit. However, its true beauty lies within its ability to exhibit multiple designs that can elevate any look by a mile. Sunglasses are an accessory for a reason, and it is best to use them accordingly.

The style of the parallel frame makes square glasses perfect for holding a number of embellishments and intricate designs. With other shapes, pulling off a range of looks is more tricky, and it takes more skill, given their challenging dimensions. 

Quality Material

Finally, square frames arguably have the most sturdy design and material. The evenness of the distribution allows for a durable stand. Additionally, rounded edges are made of more brittle components since they have to be molded accordingly, making them the more frail option. Meanwhile, the structure of sharper shades that utilize lines in their form last longer and doesn’t break easily. 

With all that taken into consideration, there is no more debate as to why square sunglasses are the superior shape with the most versatile style. Of course, other frames are fair game, but none can compete with the range and functionality of sharper and equal edges. So, don’t think twice anymore. Go out and get the best pair there is. 


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