5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Vintage Solid Gold Pendants for Him

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There was a time when it was thought that jewelry was mainly for women to adorn. However, with times changing and people challenging gender norms in a positive way every day, wearing jewelry isn’t just associated with a certain gender anymore.

Gold jewelry, in particular, is something that was worn by emperors and kings in the past, serving as a symbol of wealth, status, and royalty. It’s very common to see men wearing gold jewelry in the current times, especially gold pendants.

solid Gold Pendants

Wearing vintage gold jewelry adds to the charm of your appearance even further. Perhaps there is a special occasion coming up soon, such as your anniversary or your partner’s birthday, and you wish to gift them something special.

If that’s the case, then a vintage solid gold pendant is a great idea for the perfect, unique gift, and we at AnothersLegacy.com are here to help you out with just that.

In this article, we will be diving into how to find the kind of vintage solid gold pendant that your man will adore.

What to Look for While Finding a Vintage Solid Gold Pendant for a Man

Finding the right type of gold jewelry can be quite a task. This is why it’s vital to keep a couple of crucial pointers in mind to pick a piece of vintage solid gold pendant that will add value to both a person’s look and their life. These pointers include:

Make a Purposeful Selection

Gold jewelry is expensive, as we all know. Hence, there should be a clear purpose in mind before making such a huge, worthwhile investment.

Will the person be wearing it frequently? Is it for a particular event that they will be using it for? Will they be dressed in something casual or formal while styling the gold pendant? Think of all these questions and scenarios before making your purchase.

Inspect the Quality

The higher the quality of gold, the more long-lasting it will be. Make sure to look deeply into the quality of the vintage gold pendant to ensure it’s worth the amount you will be paying for it.

Keep the Skin Tone in Mind

Gold jewelry comes in different forms and colors, and not every shade of gold jewelry is well-suited for everyone. Luckily, there are many shades of gold jewelry you can choose from based on your skin tone.

Depending on the skin tone of the person you’re planning to gift the vintage gold pendant to, you can choose the right shade of gold. This could be rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold.

Accessorize it Properly

While some individuals like to wear just one piece of jewelry, others like to layer their look with multiple pieces, this could be a combination of statement and elegant pieces of gold jewelry.

Is the person you’re buying the pendant for someone who believes in having more than one piece of jewelry at a time? If so, then choose a vintage gold pendant that they can easily pair up with other gold jewelry as well.

Consider the Personal Style

Everyone’s personal style is different and distinct. While some prefer elegant and understated pieces, others go for bold and statement jewelry. Therefore, select something based on the personal style of the person you’re gifting the vintage gold pendant to.

Tips to Remember While Buying Vintage Gold Jewelry

Before you visit a store to buy vintage gold jewelry, here are some things that could help in making the purchase worth the sum:

  • Find out what the purity of the gold pendant is. Gold purity is determined through carats. While 24-karat gold is said to be 99.9% pure, the purity of gold keeps decreasing gradually from 22-karat gold to 18-karat gold and so on.
  • The price of a piece of vintage gold jewelry is based on its purity and the labor that went into making it. Therefore, make sure to compare the prices of pieces at different stores before investing your money in them while also remembering to buy from a trusted jewelry or known brand.
  • Always check the price of the gold piece of jewelry before buying it. Gold pieces are often mixed with stones to make them heavier and get the customers to pay a higher sum for them. So, be careful so as not to let it happen to you.
  • Since gold jewelry is very expensive, it only makes sense to buy hallmarked jewelry so that you can justify the huge amount of money you’re paying for it. Not only does hallmarked jewelry indicate purity, but it also is a safe investment.


Buying jewelry for a man can often be challenging as it’s not much of a common occurrence. Now that you know what to keep in mind while getting a gold pendant for a man, you could be wondering what the design options are to explore.

We at Anothers Legacy have a wide variety of jewelry options you can check out to ensure that the man you gift this beautiful jewelry to cherishes it forever.



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