How to Set a Realistic and an Attainable Fitness Goal

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Fitness Goal

A fitness goal is a significant factor to consider when starting a fitness journey. You will need to know what you are required to achieve before embarking on the course.

At most, most people start their journey without setting goals which make it difficult to judge their progress. Experts have told us to be SMART – in that our goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound, but is it applicable in fitness goals? 

Below are some of the tips you can use.

Focus on Achieving a Target at a Time

Do not carry all your eggs in one basket. Some will break. That is so with fitness goals, and it is one of the mistakes people end up doing while training. You need to select one item at a time on what you want to achieve. Let’s say you want to reduce your belly fat. The exercises you need to do should strictly be aimed at reducing body fat and not your whole body. Taking practices for the entire body will make you fail to achieve the tummy goal.

Understands What Drives the Goal

What will the goal lead to? Are you planning for a marathon? Is it to become physically fit or reduce belly fat? Understand the ultimate goal before embarking on your fitness journey. With this, it will be realistic to achieve what you pertain to. Some goals require different types of exercises, while others require additional measures like a change in diet. You can check advice and tips from Nutrition & Diet News concerning this. Do not take a goal just because others are taking it. Your priorities and purpose might differ.

Always Set the Bar Low When Starting

Do not aim for an expert level when you are just a trainee. Ensure what you keep as a goal is easily attainable according to your strengths and weaknesses. There is no need to plan to run 10 kilometers in a day when, in reality, you can only do five. Ensure your goal follows the A in SMART – achievable. Setting a purpose higher than what you can achieve may lead you into being demoralized and also failing to meet what you intended to make. Always be confident in whatever you do. Your goal should neither be too high nor too low, just at the level.

Make Your Goal Long Term

Even Rome was not built in a day. Set your time according to what you want to achieve. Let’s take an example; if you plan to cut off your belly fat, you cannot set a time limit of two days. This will eventually make you demoralized since, at the time or that period, you might fail to see changes and start blaming yourself or give up completely. Always pick a goal that can be achieved in an extended period.

Let’s say quarterly to a year. By setting these, you will segment it into categories that will be easy and realistic to achieve. Also, setting a long term goal will make it an addiction and part of your life. Your body will adapt gradually before settling on the results.

Be Flexible

Just because it’s not working does not mean it cannot be achieved. It would help if you were open in several ways and means of achieving your goal. When one process fails, opt for another and so on until when you are comfortable with the outcome. Also, have options. With several options, you will not despair when one fails. You can also set a goal higher than what is expected and try as much to achieve it. When you fail, you will realize you have obtained the initial target. 

Fitness Goal

Consider Having an Expert

Sometimes, we cannot do all the things by ourselves. When you start a fitness journey and feel overwhelmed or tired during the way, often consult an expert to guide you on the course. Experts might not necessarily mean people. You can get online help or refer to an article just if you are stuck in achieving your goal. By involving an expert, you will be able to know where your strengths are, and your weakness, and you will have a way on what and where to improve.

Always try as much as possible to achieve your fitness goals. Never take a weakness or any hindrance as a way of cutting short the process. Once you use the tips in this article and many more, you will see yourself attain your fitness goals quickly and more comfortably. Ensure your mind is adjusted in whatever you have planned. Having a negative account on your goals will make you fail in achieving them.


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