Most Britons are unhappy with the way they sit

Most Britons are unhappy with the way they sit – words Alice Turnbull

According to a new study by Urban Massage, Britons are spending more than thirteen hours a day using electronic devices, which has led to 73% of those surveyed admitting that they are unhappy with the way that they sit. They are spending more than thirteen hours a day using electronic devices.

Latest figures, from an independent report by Urban Massage suggest that the average Brit now spends more than four hours a day glued to their smartphone and more than six hours a day using their laptop. These figures demonstrate the way in which technology and content consumption have changed in recent years.

Per the survey, we’re causing our bodies endless damage through bad posture that comes from using these devices. 60% of respondents admitted to sitting in a slouched position working at a desk, arching their back over their computer screen. We know this can lead to bad posture symptoms.

As we sit at our desks, we’re prone to tilting our necks up and down which can stiffen the musculature and affect the movement of your head. Additionally, sitting on a chair that is not set at the correct height can cause lower back pain which can be prolonged if not rectified in time. Try daily stretches or installing a second computer screen that will promote good posture throughout the work day.

Of those surveyed, only 27% were happy with their posture, and an incredible 64% of respondents collectively expressed that they believe that their technology use is damaging their posture and their health. However, most Britons don’t think about their posture when they’re sat in the office or slouching over their smartphones waiting for the train.

To conclude, the data demonstrates just how ingrained technology is in all our lives – and how damaging that can be for our bodies. There’s also some great tips on how to improve posture while sitting.

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Most Britons are unhappy with the way they sit – words Alice Turnbull



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