6 exciting trends and predictions for golfing in 2020

words Al Woods

It looks as if 2020 is going to be a big year in the golfing world, with the Ryder Cup to look forward to alongside Olympic golfing in Tokyo in the Summer; we can expect lots of competitive games and plenty to get excited about.

Golf clubs will be upping their game with new technology, new fashions will be hitting the golf stores and even the way the game is played may begin to evolve. In this article we will take a look at some of the trends we might expect to see over the next twelve months alongside a few predictions for the year.

Prediction: McIlroy to win a major in 2020

Yet to make his mark amongst the game’s four most prestigious events despite racking up more world ranking points than any other golfer, Rory McIlroy will be hoping to do better this year at the big tournaments, almost certainly targeting a huge win at the Masters. The US PGA also looks like it could be a tempting target for Rory as it’s one of his favorite courses (he won there in 2015) and suits his penchant for hitting his balls high. Perhaps this year a major will be going home to Northern Ireland.

Trend: Music on the golf course?

Certainly not one for the traditionalists but as we start to see so many young people beginning to take up the sport alongside clubs looking for new and interesting ways to garner interest for the sport from absolute beginners, we may well start to see bluetooth technology and multidirectional speakers delivering a few tunes across the fairway. It won’t be easy to please all tastes of course and it may well be a divisive tactic that will upset existing members but perhaps this will help drive interest and help clubs to build out their memberships.

Prediction: Europe to retain the Ryder Cup

America has a habit of winning the Ryder Cup at home and managed to win three of the previous five when fought on American soil. Europe has been dominating of late however and they look on target for another win in 2020 despite playing away from home. Underdogs they might be but their current crop of talent allied to Padraig Harrington’s studious sense of planning and strategy could just be enough to retain the cup this year, but it will run close, that’s for sure.

Trend: Healthier (and trendier) food options.

There are certain staples in the sports world that we have come to know and love, such as corn dogs at the football, hot dogs on the golf course and a pie at the soccer, but as tastes have evolved and become somewhat more sophisticated, alongside more interest in a healthier lifestyle, we are starting to see culinary changes at the golf clubs. Expect to see more complex and tasty food and drink choices alongside vegan options, cocktails, craft beers and artisanal coffees all making an appearance. Resorts and clubs could use this to attract more millennial, generation Z and other health conscious golfers to their facilities.

Trend: Sharp new fashion trends to hit the golf courses

At the 2019 PGA fashion show we saw all manner of exciting new golfing outfits, some functional, some snazzy and some both. Amongst the trendy new golfing outfits for ladies and some exciting new designs in Mens golf apparel ,we also saw some very advanced technical wear. Posture and alignment are so important to the modern golfer and we can soon expect to see shirts designed to help the wearer improve their head, neck and spinal alignment and position. Anything that can make you look good and increase mobility at the same time is a good thing.

Prediction: Jon Rahm to become world number one

Jon Rahm is a relative newcomer to the world stage and it’s actually only during the last three and a half years that he has outplayed almost everybody with such consistency and potential. He’s managed to win himself three PGA tour titles as well as plenty of other wins and, if he can push hard this year, the Spaniard, who is already the number one in Europe, could well find himself becoming the number one ranked golfer in the world.

One thing is certain over the next twelve months, regardless of whether these predictions or trends come to pass, there are going to be some exciting events to enjoy, and no doubt plenty of surprises in store, so make sure you have a great golfing 2020.



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