Suit up: the art of tailored elegance

words Al Woods

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Men’s fashion is hitting the roofs and only a few garments can compete with the sophistication and elegance of tailored suits. A well-tailored suit is characterized by intricate details and the finest fabrics to showcase the efforts and craftsmanship behind this men’s style.

The Beauty of Tailored Suits

A tailored suit is a representation of personality in terms of style and individuality: it goes beyond just an outfit. This calls for a top tire draper to ensure suits embody the balance of contemporary design and tradition, bringing out class and confidence. Blandin & Delloye tailor every suit with attention to detail, from silhouette to fabric. This results in a garment that shows the wearer’s best features and acts as a second skin.

Every tailored suit takes advantage of a skilled artisan to give it a life and maintain its quality. These artisans possess the highest level of expertise, earned through years of training and experience. The team of craftsmen and women consists of pattern makers, finishers, master tailors (responsible for cutting and stitching fabrics) and seamstresses, each playing a vital role in coming up with elegant, flawless suits.

Choosing the Right Fabric

A good tailored suit needs the best fabric. Never underestimate the power and presence that a good fabric brings to a suit. The craftsman or consultant will share several fabrics to choose from. Working with a top-tier tailor or tailor shop offers the peace of mind and flexibility of accessing an extensive variety of the best premium material options in the market. Always select the material that brings your best personality and combines longevity, luxurious and durability finishes.

Remember, the quality of a tailored suit lies in the fabric selected. Master tailors like Blandin & Delloye get their materials from the best and most renowned merchants and mills, choosing only the finest silks, wools and pieces of cashmere. Regardless of whether you want a heavier fabric to rock through winter or a lightweight wool to style your summer outfit, having the right fabric is essential in crafting an exceptional suit in how it feels and looks.

Why Choose Tailored Suits

Perfect Fit

Custom or tailored suits are finished to your exact requirements and measurements, offering a flawless fit to complement your personal style and body shape. Based on your measurements, every piece, from the shoulder to the length of your trousers, is crafted and finished to perfection. The process involves detailing and hand-finishing (pockets, buttonholes and lapels).

Top and Luxurious Fabrics

Master tailors or top tailor showrooms source their fabrics from quality-proven merchants from different parts of the world, British tweed, Italian wool and Egyptian cotton. Luxury materials offer longevity and durability on top of feeling and looking exceptional. Selecting the right fabric plays an essential role in ensuring your suit remains an elegant and timeless wardrobe staple.

Limitless Personalization

The beauty of tailored suits is in the endless ability to customize every little detail. The tailor gives you the opportunity to personalize your suit to your liking, from the button details to lapel styles. Tailored suits allow you to express your style, whether you prefer a bold statement suit or just a classic piece.

Final Word

Tailored suits showcase the technique, attention to detail and craftsmanship that is behind this men’s masterpiece. Getting a perfectly tailored suit requires precise tailoring, the right fabric selection and accurate finishing. Tailored suits are a worthy investment, offering unparalleled comfort, a luxurious touch, perfect fit and timeless elegance.


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