Some of the world’s most obscure & unusual laws

 Some of the world’s most obscure & unusual laws – words Al Woods

Traveling around the world will expose you to countries with different sets of laws and regulations from what you may have been used to in your own country.

When you go for expedited passport services to go for a vacation in a new country or just enjoy globetrotting, it is imperative to have a clear mind about the disparities in the rules and regulations so that you don’t risk getting on the wrong side of the law due to ignorance, and as usual, ignorance is never a defense in law.

If you behave decently and always act with caution and common sense, you will do just fine with most of the rules in other countries. However, there are certain countries with very unusual laws and rules which you need to be careful about, lest you land in jail. Here is a brief look at some of them-: 

  Unusual Laws

Buddha tattoos and selfies in Sri Lanka

If you are visiting Sri Lanka, then you should be aware that mistreatment and misuse of Buddhist images, as well as Buddhist artefacts, is a grave offense and lots of tourists have found themselves in jails for these. Many British nationals have been denied entry into the country because of visible Buddhist tattoos and many have also been arrested for taking photos in front of statues of Buddha.

No Swearing in the UAE

The act of swearing as well as making rude gestures is a serious offense in UAE and if you are found guilty of such, both online and offline, then you may be jailed or even deported back to your country. Even if you feel your emotions coming up and you feel like giving someone a piece of your mind, be sure not to swear or make any obscene signs. 

 Unusual Laws

No smoking e-cigarettes in Thailand

You may think that it would be better to ban smoking that the use of e-cigars, but this is not the case in Thailand. You should never attempt bringing vaporizers of any kind or refills into Thailand since those can make you pay very heavy fines and can earn you up to 10 years in jail if you are found guilty. You should also note that Thailand has banned smoking in 24 beaches in 15 provinces and these include some of the most popular tourist destinations such as Krabi, and Phuket.

strange rules

You cannot moon in Greece

Indecent behaviors such as mooning are strictly prohibited in Greece, and if found, you can be arrested, fined or imprisoned.

Codeine ban in Japan

In Japan, you are not allowed to use or possess substances such painkillers or Vicks Inhalers which have codeine. If found with such, you can be detained, jailed or deported.

Destroying currency in Turkey

Of course, it is expected that you will not destroy any currency because you need it, but most countries will ignore you if you were to destroy their currency. However, this is one thing you must never attempt in Greece. In Turkey, it is a criminal offense to insult the nation, its flag or to tear up or deface the currency. If you are found guilty of any of these offenses, you may be jailed for between six months and three years.

Unusual Laws 

Never wear camo in the Caribbean

In most of the Caribbean countries such as St. Lucia, St, Vincent and Barbados, there is a ban prohibiting the wearing of camouflage, including children. This is so unlike many countries where you are not just allowed to dress as you wish but also dress in any attire that comes up your mind.  

No drinking or smoking in public in Ukraine

Smoking or drinking in public is officially banned in Ukraine and it is the fastest and easiest way to get on the wrong side of the law when you are visiting this country. Public places include underground crossings, sports facilities, government buildings, public transport and any building, infrastructure or place not declared privates according to the dictates of the law.

Budgie smugglers in France

If you are a guy and you are planning to go for expedited passport renewal to go and visit France, and if you intend in venturing in any of the public pools, then be warned that you are forbidden from having loose-fitting clothes. In such places, therefore, speedos are the order of the day and if your togs are not in compliance, then you will not be allowed to have that dip you so desired.

No trunks in Granville

In the year 2009, elephants were banned from the beaches when two of the animals from a visiting circuses were found engaging in a “code brown” on the shores. The ban is still active, and so don’t expect to see any elephants in the Granville beaches.

It is a must for Canada radio stations to be patriotic

The law in Canada stipulates that 35% of all the music played by the radio stations must be by local artists. This is good news for singers like Celine Dion, and Justin Bieber, but not for any foreign artist who wants to win the hearts of Canadian fans.

No feeding Pigeon in Venice

There will always be lots of pigeons at St.  Mark’s Square in Venice, and it could be tempting to feed them, however, this may land you in jail or you may have to part with very heavy fines. Feeding pigeons at this place were illegalized in an attempt to try and reduce the number of pigeons who were seen to be increasing in numbers and were also causing destruction to some of the historic structures in the area. 

 off laws

Don’t run out of gas in Germany

If you are in the autobahn in Germany, then it is illegal to run out of fuel. It is also an offense to walk along the autobahn.

No spitting in Barcelona

Spitting is frowned upon in many places around the globe, though in most of those places, it will not land you in jail or make you pay fines, except in Barcelona, Spain.

 Some of the world’s most obscure & unusual laws – words Al Woods


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