A helping hand to pass your driving theory test

A helping hand to pass your driving theory test – words Alexa Wang

The practical driving test is getting harder by the year and, though it’s very much needed, the theory test itself gets more challenging too. If you add in the cost then it’s no wonder that many of us dread learning to drive these days.

For most people, the idea of an exam fills them with nerves and fear. There are two exams involved in getting your driving license. Before you can take your practical driving test, you first need to pass your driving theory test.

This costs £23 each time so the bill can quickly add up if you the nerves get the better of you! Pass ‘N’ Go have put together some advice to give you a helping hand when it comes to preparing for this first important step.


Driving Lessons

Although your theory and practical driving tests are two different exams, they shouldn’t be seen as completely separate. They are equally important and are designed to complement each other, transforming students into proficient motorists.

The aim is to put the theory that you have studied into practice when you are on your driving lesson. This way, if you are having any difficulties with a particular area, your instructor will be on hand to offer you advice to ensure you are in the best position for your theory exam. They may even be able to show you how the situation plays out in real-life.


Key Purchase

Pass ‘N’ Go advise that you buy the official DVSA Theory Test Kit, priced at £5. It is a key purchase in the lead up to your theory driving test, as it gives you the opportunity to practice examples prior to your real exam, so you know what to expect.

Available to download from iTunes or the Google Play store, here’s why you should make the investment:

  • There are 14 topics covered in the theory test and the app covers every single one of them.
  • Each topic comes complete with questions to answer so that you can see just how much you’ve taken in from your studying.
  • It contains practice case studies, so that you can see the theory in practice.
  • There are mock tests available made up of every official DVSA car theory test revision question and answer.
  • The hazard perception test section provides you with an introduction to this part of the test, as well as access to ten official DVSA practice hazard perception interactive video clips.

Don’t Forget Your Provisional Driving License

On the day of your theory test, failure to show your provisional driving license will result in you being unable to sit the test and the loss of your £23. You must present your provision license to take the test.

Think About Your Timing

You need to take full advantage of all the time given to you in the test. You’ll be given 57 minutes to answer the 50 multiple choice questions. To best make use of the time, we advise that you spend one minute on each question, allowing spare time at the end to go back to any questions you may have struggled with.

It is important not to rush through difficult questions, so if you are struggling, flag the question and simply move on. Use the remaining time at the end to go back and work through the difficult ones. It is also wise to keep some time to go back and check your answers. Sometimes nerves can get the better of you and you don’t want to make any silly mistakes.

The second part of your test is the hazard perception, which you won’t be able to time. There are 14 one minute videos that you have to watch and identify the hazards. One video contains 2 hazards, whilst the others all contain only 1 hazard. The best advice that can be given here is to make sure you make use of the timing between the two sections. You can have 3 minutes between the multiple choice questions and the hazard perception video clips. This is a chance for you to calm your nerves, take a deep breath and briefly take your eyes away from the computer screen.

A helping hand to pass your driving theory test – words Alexa Wang







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