Online shopping tips: How to save money when shopping online

words Al Woods

If you are like the millions of people from different parts of the world looking for ways of saving a buck, you are in the right place. The ways to shop might have changed over the years but buyers still want to save some cash when shopping. If you are wondering how you can save money buying stuff online then read on as we look at a few money-saving hacks you can use.

Proven Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online

1. Know when to Shop

For starters, you ought to know when to go shopping. Of course, this depends on if what you are buying is urgent or not. If it is something you can plan to shop for then you can always try to buy it when the prices of the product at the least possible. In fact, some online vendors do raise and lower the prices at different times depending on the demand and seasons. A good example is the new year season or a black Friday sales offer where you can take advantage of reduced prices to save on your shopping. Just do a quick research on your favorite online stores and find out when there are great deals you can take advantage of.

2. Find Coupons & Use Them 

Talking of jumping on sales offers, there are numerous online shops offering coupons codes for a wide range of products. A good example is the Hobby Lobby flyer, an ads circular where you can find coupons and trending offers from the store. When shopping, you will be asked to enter the promotion codes, and a certain percentage of the money will be sliced from the initial amount.

3. Shop Online and Pick from the Store

Most of us prefer online shopping to the physical visit because we get to sit back and wait for delivery. Some online stores are beginning to ask customers if they prefer to pick up the items from the store or get them shipped to the desired location. Depending on the store, the shipping fees may be standardized or set according to factors like the weight of products delivered.  This is where picking up the items from the store can save you on the shipping cost. 

Tip: Weigh your options and figure out if you will save you some cash picking up the item. Only choose to collect the goods from the store if the amount that you can spend to travel to the store is less than what you can pay for shipping. 

4. Seek Membership for Loyalty Rewards

Some stores give their frequent customers, especially the distributors, the option to sign up for B2B rewards programs such that every time they shop, they get rewards that can be redeemed as discounts. Find out if the store you shop from has loyalty reward offers and use it to get discounts on purchases. But, since this is a money-saving opportunity, just don’t buy what you don’t need for the sake of accumulating loyalty points!

5. Don’t be in a hurry to Shop

Take your time to research the market and learn about the prices of similar products from different stores. If this sounds like a daunting task, you can lessen it by using top price comparison apps, depending on where you are located.  These types of apps are actually good at doing side by side overviews of product prices among top online shops

6. Keep Desired Items in the Wish List for Alerts

If your favorite online store gives price drop alerts, you can also subscribe to them and take advantage of the opportunity when it pops up.


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