The Luffy Shop: The World of One Piece Merchandise

words Al Woods

Have you ever been confused about what to give to your best friend on their birthday? Have your ever been confused on what to gift to your family friends on the auspicious occasion of their opening ceremony of their new house? If yes, then, The Luffy Shop is your answer to all these small daily life problems.

The Luffy shop mainly sells items based on the theme of “One Piece” which is a world famous cartoon series with fan following in many different countries.  With one of the world’s largest collection of one piece figures the luffy shop is a universe of its own. The luffy shop is an online platform where customers can buy different one piece merchandises of different products. These products come in a huge variety starting from T-shirts, decoration pieces, key chains and what not.


The website sells many different merchandises of different products. The unique quality of the luffy shop is that it allows customers to order goods made specifically to their own suited design and size. This mass customization allows the website to attract different customers each of whom can differentiate of what they would want to buy for themselves. Moreover, whatever the merchandise the luffy shop sells they are in one way or the other related to the characters and the story of the series of One Piece. The variety of products is endless. We will give you a small summary of the thousands of products available in one piece at the luffy shop.


Clothes are one of the most sought after merchandise of the brand. It has many sub categories but few famous ones that I would specifically mention here are; Jackets, T-shirts, Hoodies and Sweaters. These clothes have gained a huge popularity especially among children due to their association with the cartoon characters of One piece. Children are able to associate themselves with different characters printed on the hoodies and they also relate to some very catchy dialogues of the series that are famous amongst the children. Many of the hoodies come with the base color of black but have imprinted on them colorful pirate slogans and character shapes. These clothing items have become an instant hit among children and day by day the fan following of one-piece clothing merchandise is gaining popularity.

Action Figures:

Well since the luffy shop is exclusively based on the famous cartoon series you can for sure find many different sized and colored action figures of the One-piece series. Some of their famous one-piece anime merch include the 3D lamp ace & macro, the light lamp serious luffy and the fonko pop zoro among others. These one piece figures and lamps of different characters have gained huge popularity among school going children and you can often find these lamps in living room of children of this age.


The luffy shop also has a huge collection of accessories. These include keychain swords, ace bracelets, ace necklaces and wallets among many other items. These accessories are usually very economical starting from as low as USD 10. The delicacy and precision with which these accessories are made make them an instant hit among the customers.

Phone Cases & Art:

The possibilities at the luffy shop are endless. They also have customized character based phone cases. These phone cases sometimes have character shapes, their sayings and famous codes etc. The best thing about these cases are that they cater to all brands weather its Samsung, IPhone or even LG, you can surely find one for your phone. There are also wide variety of art displays available at the luffy shop which include paintings, posters and canvases. These majestic art displays look stunning on room walls and provide a baseline to the overall theme of a place.

Become a Partner:

Yes, you read that right, you can also become a partner with the luffy shop through their affiliate programme. You can sign up on their website, send in your portfolio and once it gets approved you can start selling their products through your own platform. There is hardly any limit to where you can promote and sell their products. Weather you have a blog, YouTube channel, website or even your Facebook profile all you have to do is sell their products and earn your commission.

The Luffy shop is a world of its own dedicated to the piece cartoon series. If you are a fan and can relate to the characters simply go on to the website and start shopping!


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