How Can You Keep Your Family Safe During Lockdown?

words Al Woods

Even while lockdown, anyone in your family can become the victim of cybercrime like only body shaming, bullying, or negative comments. To ensure that nobody in your family goes through this trauma, you can go to and check for the SMS tracker apps. 

Now, the question lands on how these apps can keep your family safe on your behalf. That’s simple to know when you read the pointers in detail below:

family safe online
  • Know what kind of SMSes anyone in your family is sharing with others regularly

If you think that someone in your family is behaving oddly, off-lately, even during the lockdown, and sticking onto their smartphones like there’s no end, then pick up the SMS tracker app and know what exactly is going around here.

With this technique, you can easily track the SMSes that your kids or partner has been sending to others daily. Then you can be assured everything is alright for them or not. If there is trouble in paradise, then consult them indirectly, and do not let them about you spying on them as of now.

  • Check your kids or spouse’s social media activity

With the popular SMS tracker apps, you are a lucky one to check if everything is going smoothly during the lockdown. In terms of social media, we mean that no one is bullying your family online. So, use the control panel assigned with the account you make on the application you want to try for spying on your family.

These social media activities are often carried out on FB, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Zoom, Skype, etc. Thus, you can actually know if your partner is actually having a meeting online, or he or she is in serious trouble. 

Then you can even file a police complaint if you confront your spouse or kid to assure them for the immediate help from your end with the piece of evidence collected through the spying application. 

family safety online
  • Keep track of the emails that the family is receiving behind your back

The attack on the family’s safety can be from any side. So, know that during the lockdown period, there are malicious emails and links circulated online. It makes the readers curious to know what is behind those links.

But those links can hack into one’s phone and steal some private information from the targeted phone. Therefore, as a responsible parent or a life partner, you can browse the emails in the inbox of your kid’s or spouse’s phone.

Then easily filter the spam emails by deleting them, so your kids or spouse do not get a chance to click those spammy links even once. Sometimes, we all know, those links even contain adult content. This could not be suitable for the kids at home, especially if they are teenagers. 

Thus, you must block the junk email IDs from the control panel of the software you will be using to spy on the targeted phone.

  • Check the browsing or block all adult websites from the targeted phone

Another effective way to keep your family safe is to block every malicious website. These websites are often the ones that show adult content, or which are showing false news online, planning to create a panic amongst the family members unnecessarily. 

You can easily do so by clicking the browsing history option on the control panel assigned to you. Firstly, you should check what websites your kid or spouse is watching from the targeted phone. Then, get an estimate if there is any need to ban any website or not.

As it is, if you ban the website from the control panel, the smartphone user will get to know about the ban. The link will simply stop working and voila! You manage to keep your family away from another cybercrime.


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