Street artist Inkie at the vitaminwater pop-up wrapping gallery

Street artist Inkie at the vitaminwater pop-up wrapping gallery – words Ant Wigley

Following on from the summer’s successful Shinebright studio, created to nurture and promote young creative talent, glacéau vitaminwater’s exciting new project, the ‘wrapping gallery’ opens its doors to celebrate the work of local artists whilst offering consumers the chance to make sure their special gifts Shinebright this Christmas.

The festive period could always be a little bit brighter and more original – so this Christmas, glacéau vitaminwater is doing away with the dull, uninspiring wrapping paper we are all so used to, and offering the public a one-stop pop-up shop for hand-made, completely unique wrapping paper that shines with creativity.



With infamous London-based painter and street artist Inkie at the helm, the wrapping gallery will house 10 emerging artists including Jack Hudson, Lynnie Zulu, Lucy Vigrass and the Day Job collective. Over the course of 5 days, launching on Saturday 13th December the team of artists will be designing, screenprinting, illustrating, block printing, stamping and stenciling rolls upon rolls of gigantic wrapping paper with their own designs and interpretations of what it means to shine bright.

The space will be a destination for busy shoppers to seek calm and inspiration. A place to have their carefully selected gifts wrapped by professionals in one-off sheets of paper created on-site before their eyes by an array of talented young artists.

Take a step away from the madness of the festive shopping season and treat your special gift to special wrapping paper to make sure that it shines bright beneath the Christmas tree.

Inkie will be get the festive ball rolling from 11am on Saturday, 13th December – a great opportunity to come down and get a one-off piece of functional art from an artist that usually exhibits his work on the walls of contemporary art galleries. There will also be the opportunity to win framed and signed works from each artist during the 5 days. To enter just post a photo of your gift and wrapping paper with #Shinebright. Each artist will then choose his or her favourite snap as the winner and Vitaminwater will make sure the framed art is in your hands before Santa starts his rounds.

See inkie artist work on 13th December – 17th December  11am- 7pm Wrapping gallery- 15 Bateman Street, Soho, W1D 3AQ

*Street artist Inkie is a London based painter and street artist, originally from Clifton, Bristol.[1][2] He is cited as being part of Bristol’s graffiti heritage, along with Banksy. regarded as a modern day father of street art, his rise to fame has been by producing iconic collaborations with various modern day super stars. Having chosen to only outsource his work via established members of the Fine Art Guild (Established 1847), the restricted work have seen demand increase in some cases by 10 times in value as his art demand has spread across all shores including Japan, China, America to name a few.

Street artist Inkie at the vitaminwater pop-up wrapping gallery – words Ant Wigley


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