6 ways to free up space in your home

words Alexa Wang

You may feel like your home is too small, but it may just be an issue of organization and maximizing your space. After all, new U.S. homes today are 1,000 square feet larger than in 1973 and living space per person has nearly doubled, according to the American Enterprise Institute.

With all that extra space, you would think our homes would feel the right size, if not downright oversized. Instead of focusing on buying an even bigger home, look for ways to free up space and maximize what you already have. The best part is you can do this and still retain your sense of style and incorporate space saving techniques into your decor. Here’s how to get started.

Customize your kitchen

If you’re planning a remodel, consider updating your kitchen with custom-sized oak or maple cabinets. Not only will they give your space a timeless and elegant look, but customized sizes can allow for additional storage options including pull-out drawers and built-in spice racks. Another great addition to any modern kitchen is a custom-sized solid oak chopping board that fits seamlessly over your sink or stove. You can click here for more info about different options and designs. It’s the perfect spot to chop and dice without taking up any counter space.

Float your shelves

One easy way to free up space and make your home feel modern is to float your shelves. Instead of opting for tall bookcases and oversized dining hutches, go for floating shelves that keep your dishes, photos and keepsakes on the wall without taking up additional space. The best part is your guests will just think you have an eye for decor instead of realizing you just upscaled your storage.

Hide the mess

You don’t necessarily need a larger home to find extra options to store away your mess. Your home likely has plenty of spots to do that now, whether in wicker baskets under your bed or hidden in your seating area. A multi-functional ottoman can serve as both an extra seat and storage area. Opt for a style that opens up to reveal storage for toys, papers and blankets you can tuck away when company stops by.

Get innovative at dinnertime

Take a walk around your home and look at areas that take up the most space. Your dining room could double as a play area if only you could figure out what to do with your oversized table. One thought is to downscale to a table with leaves that expand for dinner but turn it into a game center by adding a ping pong tabletop. Meanwhile, your garage can transform into a rec room by putting down colorful mats, adding comfortable furniture and even a mounted climbing wall to work out or make a fun space for the kids.

Fold away your bed

Whether you live in a small home or just need more room in your master bedroom, you can create more space by revolutionizing the concept of a bed. Install a Murphy bed that folds away into a cabinet to clear up space to work from home or get in a work-out in the morning. Another option is a daybed that turns from a comfortable bed to lounging area to make more space in your bedroom to soak up a more minimalist style. This is how to create storage space in a small house.

Get vertical

In order to get more space back in your life, you may have to think vertical and get more things off the floor. Opt for vertical ladder-style storage or shelving to store toys and towels. You can also loft your kids’ beds off the floor and create room for a homework space and play area underneath. Even adding a few hooks to your wall and putting folding dining room table chairs away can free up more room in your home or apartment and make it look like you’re the most organized spot in the neighborhood.

Your home may already have plenty of space, but just takes some ingenuity to maximize it to your advantage. Start with small ways to get more off the floor with floating shelves and vertical storage and branch out into creative furniture options. The more you get your head into the space-saving game, the easier it will become.



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