Creative ways to have the perfect wedding of all time

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So you’ve just planned your wedding date and now you have to go about planning the actual event. While this is going to be the biggest event in your life, it also is going to become one of the most stressful moments of your life.

With so many things to manage and worry about, wedding planning can quickly get out of hand. Not only are there so many things to manage, you also want to make sure that your wedding is going to be creative and remembered for a long time. In the past few years, weddings have become more and more creative, adding extra flair and spice to them to create extra memories. What should you look into adding to your wedding to make it that much more creative?

Adding a late-night snack bar for your guests with a unique food is currently all the rage and will surprise your guests when more food is being served. Hiring a great band is another way to keep the night creative and lively. Finally, weddings have the traditional tapping a glass with a spoon to get the bride and groom to kiss. Nowadays, weddings are moving away from that and adding in games to accomplish the same result. Here are some creative ways to have the perfect wedding of all time.

Late Night Snack Bars

A standard wedding will serve their dinner at around six or seven and soon after dancing will begin. Depending on your wedding, it might be an extremely late night. Your guests will probably start to find themselves hungry as well. A snack bar is the perfect creative solution to all of this. While the dinner is normally focused on very formal and elaborate foods, the snack bar contains very casual and easy foods that people love. Some popular snack bar ideas include pizza, hot dogs, tacos, or even getting fancier and having poutine or bubble tea. This food is perfect for guests in the late hours, especially after they have been drinking all night. People will be talking about your amazing decisions at the wedding and for months to come. Go that extra creative mile and get your wedding a snack bar to ensure it is always remembered.

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Most people resort to a DJ for wedding music, however it doesn’t bring the same amount of excitement a live band can bring. Bringing a live band to any wedding will liven up the dance floor and keep people dancing all night. But what kind of music should you look into getting? It depends on the genre you want, but according to an article from, cover bands are always a hit. What is a cover band? Cover bands play popular songs written by the famous musicians you know and love. They are extremely versatile and can tailor the wedding music playlist to make it what you want. Certain bands are better at genres than others as well. If you are looking into bringing jazz music into your wedding, your best bet would be to hire a jazz band. A good cover band will also be able to take requests on the fly to fit the needs of your guests. You can sit back and watch a guest’s face light up as they request a song to be played and then five minutes later the band breaks out into the song. While having a DJ is good, take that extra creative step to bring in a band and make your wedding the talk of the town with your friends.

Kissing Games

We’ve all been to weddings where you hear the tapping of a glass soon followed by a request to kiss. While this is fun and creative, it can get old quickly. Give this tradition a creative flair by making your guests have to work if they want to see you kiss. Some great examples include having the person stand up and sing a song involving love to the bride and groom, telling a joke, rolling a dice and having a different outcome for each number rolled, or having a sports related game such as a mini putt or dart throw. Your guests will have a great time participating in these activities as they work to get you two to express your love. Change up the traditional tapping of the glass to a fun game and keep your wedding creative.

With these steps, your wedding will be creative and spoken of for years to come. Adding in a late-night snack bar to appease your hungry guests will keep them happy and dancing. Live music will have them flock to the dance floor once the music ends, and finally creative wedding games will keep your guests active and participating. Go the extra step and make your wedding as creative and great as it can be. How will you make your wedding creative?


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