Awesome Short Hairstyles For Men

words Al Woods

Everyone who has a mane knows that it can be a challenge to keep your hair looking great. It is not as easy as choosing the style that you want and going on with your life.

You really need to dedicate some time into maintaining your hair’s health and appearance, otherwise, things could go south very quickly.

In order for you to find the best short hair styles for men, it will be a good idea to know what you can do to make your hair strut on the street like never before.

Below are 2 most awesome short hair styles for men that you can check out.

short hair styles 2020

The Pompadour Haircut

This is one of the most popular short hairstyles for men, and it has been around since the 1950s. It only looks good on guys who have thick hair strands, but if your hair falls under this category then you should definitely give this style a shot.

Steps: It’s quite easy to get this style going, and the following steps will show you how to do it.

# 1: Get your hair cut very short on all sides and at the back of your head. The top section should be longer, but it should not be too long either. You can ask your hairstylist for some recommendations on the best type of hair length to get.

# 2: Get your hair washed using a good medium hold shampoo and conditioner. This will make it easier for you during the styling process, as it will not be that tangled or matted up. You can still use any shampoo that works best for your hair, but make sure that it’s not too heavy.

# 3: Blow dry the top section of your hair using a round brush. If you have fine hair then you can even skip this step. Then, apply some good styling wax to give the top section its shape and hold. You can also use pomade or cream instead.

short hairstyles 2020

The crew

This is another great haircut that you can try out if you want your hair to look awesome. It has an old school vibe, but it’s still quite popular among men who sport neat and stylish haircuts. If you’re looking for short hair styles for men with round faces then this style will be perfect for you.

Steps: This is a pretty easy cut to get, and the following steps will show you how to do it.

# 1: First of all, get your hair cut very short at the back and sides. The top section should be left longer than the other sections. If you’re looking for a style that’ll work for your hair type then you can ask your barber for a recommendation. You should have a bit of length on top to give the style its volume.

# 2: After that, get the front section of the top part to lay down flat against your forehead. Apply a styling product and use a comb to push it back from behind so that it will lay flat against your head. You can use matte or wet styling products for this style.

# 3: The final step is all about getting the sides of your hair to lay down nicely without looking too greasy. Get a very small amount of pomade on your fingertips and rub it in until the sides are shiny but still sleek.

Having an awesome haircut will definitely make you look more handsome and can even boost your self-esteem. Buzz cuts like buzz cut without a guard and short haircuts require minimum maintenance and effort by your side.

Make sure that you try out all the short hair styles for men that we mentioned here so that you’ll know which one suits you best.


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