The Benefits of Virtual Fundraising

words Al Woods

As the internet becomes more ingrained into our lives, nonprofits are keeping up by using it to hold fundraising campaigns. With a majority of donors preferring to donate online, online giving has become an important part of many organizations’ fundraising strategies. If you are still wondering if virtual fundraising is right for your organization, here are some of its benefits to convince you.

Virtual Fundraising

It Saves You Time

In the past, donations were done mainly through checks. You had to wait for the check to arrive, then you had to wait for it to clear, send a thank you note, and then use the funds. This whole process takes a long time, and your organization might need the funds quickly. With virtual fundraising, all it takes is a few clicks and the donation is sent in a few minutes. The only thing you have to do is set up the donation platform once and you will be fine as long as you receive virtual donations. Conversely, online fundraising allows you to easily give back to your donors. For example, you can read into plenty of raffle basket ideas that have online tickets paid for via QR code, making the process more exciting and convenient for all. 

It is Cost-Effective

In the past, anyone wishing to raise funds would have to set up elaborate infrastructure and organize personnel to solicit donations. This was both laborious, time-consuming, and very expensive. Virtual fundraisers only require that you find the right platform and set everything up as you like.

Including additional tools to increase fundraising effectiveness is also easy and cost-effective too. Tools like Text to Give help campaigns use cost-effective SMS messaging to reach donors and collect donations at the same time. Text to give has been used by political campaigns for SuperPac donations. SuperPAC donations via SMS marketing platforms like Tatango have proven to be very effective and allow political parties and organizations to raise the funds they need without spending too much money.

Virtual Fundraising

Instant Access to Data and Analytics

Because everything is done via software you have access to all the data you would need. You do not have to go through your bank accounts or look through your books; the data is right in front of you to do with as you wish. Additionally, you can track donations in real time and produce reports for anyone who requires them. You can also send these resorts via the same software to make things easier for yourself.

Lastly, access to data analytics on the safe software lets you break down your donors, donor sources, and amounts received. You can then know how to tailor your campaigns in the future in case you do not hit your targets.

Improved Donor Relationships

Virtual fundraising removes all friction associated with donating. It makes the process easy and fun for your donors, giving them a great experience. Donors do not also have to think about stamps and mailing checks as they can give from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

Virtual fundraising also gives you access to donor contact information. Having this information allows you to cultivate a positive relationship with your donors which can have other benefits down the road.

Virtual fundraising is the future. It provides a better experience for both you and your donors It also gives you access to granular data in addition to a myriad of other benefits.


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