Does the way you look determine the car you drive?

Does the way you look determine the car you drive? – words Al Woods

People say you go for a particular car according to the way you see yourself. Certain models seem to attract a type of younger women and older, richer men just love a Jag. So the mythology goes but is there any truth in it?

Newly released computer-designed images reveal that the British public make snap judgements on you depending on the car you drive.


The research, conducted by nationwide auto retailer Motorpoint, found that there are prominent perceptions of drivers of some of the most popular brands in the UK. For some of these brands, this includes notable age and gender divides, even despite traditional stereotypes or similarities between certain car brands. Who picks out certain types of car brand really does come down to your age, gender, occupation and your style.

For example, despite the brand similarities, drivers of German automotive giants BMW and Mercedes (often viewed as cars for middle-aged businessmen) had the biggest differences between them. The findings suggest that public opinion believe that young and tall millennial businessmen prefer beamers, while Mercedes drivers were thought to more likely fit the stereotype by being an older gentleman who has enjoyed the finer things in life – two people at opposite ends of their careers. What car to drive really does depend on who you are how how you see yourself.

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The public saw men aged between 35-55 years old as having the richest tastes when it comes to cars, with Porsche or Range Rover being the brands that people within this age range were most likely thought to be behind the wheel of.

Despite most of the brands being dominated my male drivers, Fiat flew the female flag as being more of a “girl’s car”. The brand, which is popular for its 500 model, was linked to young millennial women, sporting a casual look, as the most likely motorist to be in the driver’s seat.


The research was conducted to investigate how the UK public views drivers of different car brands. Car brands they researched included Mercedes, BMW, Fiat, Range Rover, Porsche. The public was asked a series of questions on what they thought driver of five popular brands in the UK looked like, based on: age, height, weight, gender and clothing.

Does the way you look determine the car you drive? – words Al Woods


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