How to keep holiday costs down without cutting quality

How to keep holiday costs down without cutting quality – words Al Woods

Heading away on holiday is a time each year that many of us look forward to. No matter whether we’re heading to catch some sun or jetting off to carve up some snow, holiday’s are an exciting and special time that we can spend just with ourselves, our family or our friends. When planning your holiday this year, don’t cut quality when looking to keep your holiday costs down. There are so many ways to enjoy luxury on a budget and get everything you want from your break away!


Cheap flights to Europe

You don’t have to fly far away to get the most out of your holiday! If you’re searching for stunning views, crystal clear waters and which sandy beaches, forget about travelling as far as the Maldives or Hawaii and stick with Europe. There are a number of incredible locations that offer something for everyone. From the stunning Dalmatian cost of Croatia to the calm and soothing Kaputas beach just outside of Kalkan in Turkey, there are incredible beaches right on our doorstep!

Plus, with all the airlines having to be pretty competitive with prices nowadays, you’ll find if you search on websites such as Skyscanner which compare a number of airlines all at once, that you’ll be sure to find a cheap deal which fits within your budget.

Holiday with family and friends

When thinking about taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, why not consider taking your family and/or friends with you to? Not only will you get to spend some good quality time with your nearest and dearest, you’ll also be able to save on costs too. Villa holidays can mean getting the luxury that you want and deserve, at a fraction of the price thanks to splitting the costs across multiple people.

Think big infinity pools, incredible outdoor spaces perfect for barbequing and dining out in the evening, and all the privacy and peace in the world!

Pick your time and dates

If you’re not travelling with children, out of summer holidays is a must if you’re wanting to save your pennies! If you do have a family however, worry not, as there are a couple of great times to head away without the prices hitting astronomical heights. The best time to travel in the summer holidays has to be the latest dates possible; think the last week in August and the first in September, as these are normally significantly cheaper than the rest of the school Summer holidays.

Alternatively if you’re wanting to steer away from summertime for your big holiday, the October half term is the next best thing. It’s tricky if you’re wanting to stick to Europe as the weather begins to cool down then, but if you’re still wanting to chase the sun, think about the Canaries, Morocco and if you can afford it, Florida.

Having the holiday of your dreams doesn’t have to break the bank and with these tips, you can keep holiday costs down without cutting the quality.



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