Dirty Money – How Trump, Russia & the mob corrupts us all

Dirty Money – How Trump, Russia and the mob corrupts us all – words Lee Taylor

What connects Donald Trump, your local drug dealer and the skyrocketing property market which means many people can’t afford to get on the housing ladder? Dirty money.

The City of London is awash with it. The west is awash with it.

This is soiled, dirty money. The profits from the depths of human misery. From gun running, people trafficking, drug smuggling, terrorism, slavery and prostitution. It smells of blood. It tastes of blood.


There is such a mountain now of dirty money it infects every aspect of our lives. You can’t afford a house. Dirty money. Your bank has become corrupted and is ripping you off. Dirty money. An old schoolfriend is hooked on crack and is selling her body to fund her habit. Dirty Money. Your local football team is propped up by a Russian oligarch. Again, dirty money. Your local politician is being paid to keep stum. Dirty money everywhere you look. So, to try and forget it all you connect with friends online via social media but it’s owned by the Russian mob and they’ve sold all your personal details to the highest bidder. There’s no escape. Everywhere you turn it’s there. It is infecting every crack of our once civilised society. It sews corruption everywhere it seeps.

So, we all look away. Sometimes we don’t like to see the painful truth before our eyes.

Theresa May knows. Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England knows. Successive governments have known. They have all been turning a blind eye as the profits from human exploitation has been pouring into our banks, our City, our football teams, our houses. This is how rogue nations and the mob try to wash the blood and stench of corruption from the dirty cash. They try to make it clean by burying it into our property and entertainment brands and even our media.  In turn these companies are gradually being eroded and can no longer be trusted.

Ask Donald Trump. He Knows. He and his family have been dealing in dirty money for decades.

The gangs who trade in this dirty money need to wash the blood and misery from their ill-gotten gains. Property is one way of doing that. Casinos perfect. Once made to look clean this money can then be used to invest and buy influence. Some of this filthy money is used as bribes and so corruption is drip fed into every level of society.

And now this dirty money has bought the presidency of the USA. The money launderer in chief now installed as leader of the free world. The stench of the blood, the stench of corruption is seeping into the very stones of the White House. And scrub as hard as you may you can’t wash away the misery. The cries of the child slave, the muffled echoes of smuggled refugees, dirty needles of desperate addicts, the smell of the explosions from dirty wars and terrorist attacks. We are all drowning in this dirty money.

Democracy and the Capitalism system itself is under threat of collapse. Because dirty money corrupts. It corrupts everything and everybody it touches. Will any of our remaining western leaders who have not been turned and bought finally discover a backbone and have the courage to face up to dirt, the stench of blood? They need to act fast. We need to make them act.

Dirty Money – How Trump, Russia and the mob corrupts us all – words Lee Taylor


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