4 helpful advantages of using open source programs

4 helpful advantages of using open source programs – words Al Woods

People say that two heads are better than one, and when it comes to open source software, this couldn’t be truer. As a developer, saving time and money are key elements of success. Open source software (OSS) makes this possible.

OSS opens up countless doors for collaboration and improvement among developers. Check out four reasons why open source software is a win-win for all those involved.


Low Cost

Who doesn’t like saving money? Open source software is distributed either free of charge or for a minimal fee. OSS users are not required to purchase a license. Keep in mind that although this type of software is free up front, it still requires configuration, maintenance, and support.

But even with these small fees, open source software is still cheaper than the alternative. Free support is another awesome feature of OSS. Developers around the world are all working on the same software simultaneously. This means that another developer with your same issue is only an e-mail or video call away. Companies like Agora.io offer innovative ways for OSS developers to stay connected, and Agora’s Quick Start Guide makes integrating its voice and video tools even easier.


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Where else can you find a vast group of developers all using the same system in an open forum? With OSS, you’ll find independent developers working on the same OSS system globally. This means finding and fixing problems and security breaches faster and more efficiently.

You can also rest easy knowing that many developers supporting the same OSS also share similar values and beliefs. OSS users and developers believe in volunteerism, collaboration, and community. This means working together to better the whole.


If you prefer to work within your own set of rules, open source software is perfect for you. That’s because you can alter the software as much or as a little as you choose. All you need is familiarity with the source code.

Unlike software you simply purchase with the understanding that “you get what you get,” OSS is malleable. You have the freedom to change or update certain features to better suit your needs — and this is often done at no cost to the developer. Using OSS also frees you from “vendor lock-in” where you’re forced to work within the developer’s vision, price, timetable, and requirements.

Using OSS also means no mandatory upgrades to your software.

More Secure

Safety and security are paramount when it comes to protecting your software and information. And OSS offers unmatched security when it comes to detecting bugs and underlying glitches. Just like two heads are better than one, several sets of eyes will see issues before they become catastrophic.

OSS allows for all involved parties to detect and rectify any bugs in the software. With so many intelligent minds in the mix, this means less room for error. Flaws in open source software are fixed relatively quickly, whereas private software bugs can take weeks or even months to be resolved.

Developers and business owners want to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to running their companies. If this describes you, then OSS is worth considering. With the freedom and flexibility it offers, along with free support and collaboration, it’s no wonder open source software is gaining in popularity.

4 helpful advantages of using open source programs – words Al Woods



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