As the fake summit unfolds remember – Trump and Kim are on the same side

As the fake summit unfolds remember – Trump and Kim are on the same side – words Lee Taylor

8th June 2018. I just wanted to mark the date. Yesterday I witnessed some of the most appalling drivel I think I’ve ever seen on a mainstream TV news show. This was on the BBC too just to add insult to injury as we have to pay for it.

It was an item rattling on about Korean US Fusion food ahead of the Trump summit with Kim Jong-un. A lovely lifestyle feature using food to illustrate the possible fusion between the two men. Isn’t that nice. The problem is one is a murderous dictator with lots of blood on his hands. The other admires people like that and would like to be just like him some day. But let’s not let facts get in the way of a feel-good story heh? What’s next? Kim and Trump compare hairstyling tips? Tune in.


Anyway regarding the summit itself, I would just like to spell something out in black and white.

This is an entirely fake summit. If you’re holding your breath to see if Trump can use his amazing negotiating skills to hypnotise Kim into submission I have news for you – Spoiler alert: if you don’t want to know the ending. The whole world order has changed. The Trump regime is an ally of North Korea. That’s right. The tables have fully turned. North Korean has been an ally with Russia and China going way back. Trump was installed by Putin with the help of China. Do you see where I’m going here? Kim has been busy having lots of meetings lately with China and Russia. No doubt tutoring Kim in his role in this unfolding farce.

This is ridiculous. Trump and Kim are allies. They are lower down the pecking order in a new alliance. Let’s call it the alliance of dodgy mob-backed dictators. Who is in this new world order? China, Russia, Syria, Iran, The Trump regime, The Philippines and Turkey (Italy is a question mark as I write). Just think about that. They hold the vast majority of the world’s nuclear weapons. These are our enemies. We are their enemies. The remaining democracies.

So, we now have educated people and major news channels all giving us intimate details about a piece of shoddily put together theatre. Sounds like an episode of The Apprentice no? So, if you’re biting your nails wondering if nuclear Armageddon can be avoided by Trump and his skill at The Art of the Deal – remember that that book was also a con. Ghost written to make Trump look good by an author who has deep regrets but now has to live with that shame.

So how will the summit end. Well, it will look all triumphant I’m sure. The whole concept behind this little show is to make Trump look good. Trump would have humbled the frightening dictator and the world’s media with be holding back the tears as nuclear war is averted. You see China and Russia are propping up the struggling Trump. They need their little puppet to look stronger, look more in control. Anything to fight back against the growing awareness that Trump is a fraud, a gangster, a traitor.

As you watch this puppet show unfold and as many ‘experts’ talk nonsense on your chosen news channel – remember, remember. Kim and Trump are on the same side.

As the fake summit unfolds remember – Trump and Kim are on the same side – words Lee Taylor



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