Why it’s important to choose sustainable wood

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Why it’s important to choose sustainable wood – words Alexa Wang

There was once a time when you could simply go out and buy a plank of wood, no matter where it came or how it was harvested.

These days, we strive to sustain ecological and environmental value and preserve trees across the world. To ensure you don’t fall into the trap and accidentally support deforestation, you need to be aware of the ins and outs of buying sustainable wood to avoid getting your hands on the wrong stuff.

Teak Garden Furniture is just one eco-friendly option when it comes to furnishing your home and garden. Find out everything you need to know about sustainable wood below:


What is sustainable wood?

Sustainable wood does in fact come from sustainably managed forests. Thanks to the people who manage the landscape to avoid damage to the eco-systems, wildlife and tree themselves, it’s renewable.  But, wood collected and sold from unsustainable sources are chopped down without a second thought. Unfortunately, these areas never have time to fully recover to return to their natural beauty.

Why buy sustainable wood as opposed to other types of wood?

Buying sustainable wood is one of the only ways you can help support the future of our forests and protect our children.

It has been proven that buying unsustainable wood has largely affected areas where it is harvested including human rights abuses, hunting endangered species, threatening a variety of lifestyles and the lives tribespeople – not to mention having made a number of animals homeless!

Which woods are the most sustainable?

The question is; which woods are the most sustainable? You might buy a piece of wood labelled as sustainable, but is it really what it claims to be?

Timber is most commonly recognised as being classified as a hardwood from oak and beech or softwood from conifers, such as pine. This is because they are replaceable. Species of tree that grow at a quicker rate than others, like pine, are more sustainable than the likes of oak. Although an oak forest needs to be regulated carefully to maintain their sustainability, it’s by no means impossible.

Five of the most sustainable woods when you buy wisely are Bamboo, Oak, Teak, Mahogany and Douglas Fir. You should avoid buying exotic woods including Ebony, Sapelee, Brazilian Mahogany and Murbau as they are particularly in danger and are non-sustainable.

Identifying sustainable wood

Before you go ahead and buy any type of wood, be sure to look for official certifications of the woods sustainable source – even if it claims to be from the EU. There have been a number of incidents regarding some EU sources and suspected illegal logging.

To check that your sustainable wood products are from a sustainable source, you can contact The Forest Stewardship Council. The FSE is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes responsible management of forests across the world.

It’s most definitely a brand you can rely on. Their unique certification system provides internationally recognised assurance for any individual or business who is concerned about the sustainability of our forests.

Why it’s important to choose sustainable wood – words Alexa Wang


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