6 Times When You Should Avoid Wearing Diamond Rings

words Alexa Wang

Diamond Ring care

It is said that diamonds are forever, but that doesn’t mean that they are invincible. The truth is that there are a number of common activities that can pose a danger to your diamond rings. If you want to protect your rings, you should avoid wearing them while doing the following activities.

While Doing the Dishes

There are a number of dangers to your diamond ring in doing the dishes. The soaps that are generally used for dishwashing contain harsh chemicals that are great for breaking up grease but can be damaging to the shine of the diamond and the finish of the ring. The scouring sponges used for cleaning the dishes can also damage the diamond.

There is also the danger of the ring slipping off in soapy water and falling down the drain. The best way to avoid all this is to take off the ring before you do the dishes and put it back on when you are done. If the ring must remain on, put on some vinyl gloves before you start cleaning to keep your hands dry.

While Using Hand Soaps

Hand soaps present many of the same problems for a diamond ring as dish soaps do. The agents in the soaps that make them effective at removing dirt and grime are strong enough to dull the shine of your diamond and damage the metal of the ring. Rubbing the soap in your hands can also make your finger slippery enough that the ring slips off into the drain.

Because washing your hands is so important to good health and hygiene, you cannot avoid washing your hands to protect your ring. Many people make it a habit to put their rings in their pockets or place them securely on the countertop when they wash their hands. There are also decorative ring holders you can place near the sink for a stylish way to keep your rings safe.

Diamond Rings care

While Using Hand Lotions

Hand lotions are another group of products that contain damaging elements that can affect diamond rings. Repetitive use of hand lotion while wearing the ring will reduce the luster of the diamond and its metal housing. The lotion can also collect in the crevices of the ring, drying to a gross, flakey consistency over time. Rings should be removed before applying hand lotion and should not be put back on until the lotion has been absorbed into the skin.

While Playing Sports

There are many ways for a diamond ring to become damaged while playing sports. With water sports, there is the danger of the chemicals or the salt in the water damaging the finish along with the possibility of the ring slipping off into the water. With field sports, and impact hitting the diamond ring can result in injury to yourself or the other players, the diamond popping out of the housing, or the ring falling off of your finger. Always remove your rings and store them in a safe place while you are engaging in sports.

While Gardening

Gardening is an activity that is often described as soothing and refreshing, but the dirty work of caring for plants is no good for a diamond ring. Soil and plant sap can be acidic, which will wear down the finish of the metal, and encrusted dirt can be tricky to remove from rings with elaborate designs. It is better to take off your ring before doing any yard work and keep it safely in the house until you are done.

While Shopping for Diamond Rings

It may seem counter-intuitive, but you should not wear your diamond ring while out shopping for a new diamond ring. The most important reason why is you do not want your diamond ring to get mixed up with the store’s rings while you are trying new rings on. Not only will this create an awkward situation with the retailer, but it may also trigger security because switching out a fake diamond ring for a real one is a common scam around the world. Best to avoid the situation altogether by leaving your diamonds at home when heading to the jewelry store.

While diamonds are considered to be virtually indestructible as one of the world’s hardest gems, there are many things in your everyday life that can do considerable damage to the diamond and the ring that houses it. To keep your diamond shining as brightly as the day you received it, take some precautions and be mindful of how your actions may have an effect on the appearance of your ring.


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