Which house plants can make your home healthier?

Which house plants can make your home healthier? – words Al Woods

Recent research has presented some interesting facts about the health benefits of house plants. It seems to be true that house plants can make your home healthier.

For example, the pineapple plant has been found to improve air quality and reduce snoring whilst leaves from the feverfew have been proven to prevent headaches. Even looking at plants has been shown to lower pain levels and improve our mood.

make your home healthier

Many homeowners don’t realise that their homes could be polluted indoors too. Mould, paint and certain types of cleaning products can release harmful fumes. These are chemicals that we’d rather not have lingering around! It’s something many people now consider when providing a safe environment for your child and for themslves for that matter.

With sleep deprivation and indoor pollution an issue in many households, could house plants be the solution? Compost Direct, online garden retailers of growbags and other essentials, have created an infographic to tell us why becoming an indoor horticulturist could be the best decision you make this year…

home healthier

Which house plants can make your home healthier? – words Al Woods




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