Recommended sitting positions for working mums

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If you’re a working mom, then you know exactly what we’re talking about when we mention horrendous back and neck pain- it just comes with the job! Mothers that work tend to sit for long hours, and then have to head back home and continue the grind to take care of the house and the family as well, so it really is a never-ending story, and it’s no surprise that your body takes a beating in the worst way possible.

However, the worst thing you can do is sit incorrectly using the wrong postures. It really does make a difference in the way you sit and the positions you use while doing so. This is why we’re going to recommend a few sitting positions that are bound to really make a difference and save you the pain. 

Rest Your Back On The Chair

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The worst thing you can do for your posture is to strain your neck and back by sitting in an awkward position. We tend to forget and find ourselves slouching or leaning in and forward to look at our screen or deal with paperwork. It’s important to get an ergonomic chair, and if need be, get yourself a nice, soft cushion for support as well. The Hamptons style cushions are not only convenient in how supportive they will be while you sit and work, but as a mom, you still want style! Their patterns are just wonderful and elegant. However, if you are looking for something more ergonomic, you might like these seat cushions from Posturion. So by using a proper cushion, it will go a long way in helping you keep your posture just right as you constantly remind yourself to rest back onto the chair rather than leaning away from it.

Keep Your Head Back

Most ergonomic chairs will have a headrest on which you can lean on. This allows you to not put any strain on your neck. It’s especially difficult if your screen is not placed in a way where you can look at it at an eye-level. This is imperative, so you need to go the extra mile to get a desk that is at the correct height. The same goes for the chair – you have to make sure that it is adjustable so that you can sit comfortably without being obliged to tilt your head down. As a mom, you tend to look at your phone every so often, whether it’s to follow up on the kids or to get work done, make sure that you are conscious of how you hold your phone so that you’re not always looking down at it. Hold it up at eye level so that the strain on your neck is non-existent.

Feet On The Floor

You might need to wear fancy shoes, perhaps high heels when you go to work, but as soon as you’re sitting at your desk, it’s best that you remove them entirely, if you know what’s best for your posture! You need to bend your knees correctly and keep your feet flat on the floor. This ensures that your body weight is spread evenly as you sit and that it is not all weighing on your hips in an uneven and unbalanced manner. You want to ensure that the circulation isn’t cut short by perhaps crossing your legs over one another, or even sitting cross-legged (if you have that option!). 

The Wrists Should Always Be Straight

Focusing on the back, neck and legs aren’t the only factors that you need to be aware of as you sit at work. Do you ever get home and wonder why your wrists hurt a bit? Do you blame it on the work you do in the kitchen or the chores you might be doing around the house? You’re wrong! It’s probably due to the fact that while you’re at work, you have then positioned incorrectly as you sit. Make it a point to always keep your wrists straight to avoid damage. Get easy to use a keyword, place it at just the right distance so you don’t have to keep bending your wrist at an angle, and get a mouse that works smoothly and easily, also using it as you keep your wrists straight. Having a chair with the right kind of armrest actually contributes a great deal to this as well. 

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You must keep all these pointers in mind to be conscious of the way you sit while you’re at work. There’s no doubt that the struggles that come along with being a mother do have a role to play in some of your body aches and pains, but remember that sitting in the wrong position for hours on end is nothing short of being disastrous for your health and well-being, this is why you need to take care of you at work too! 


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