What would you give up to get your dream car?

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What would you give up to get your dream car? – words Alan Turnbull

I’m a glass half full kind of person and so am always optimistic about getting my hands on the things I need or desire.

Obviously if I stopped to think about it I’d realise that reaching forever for things out of my price range though might not be a good idea in the long run. I’d be up to my eyes in debt in the end.


So, it makes a lot more sense to actually think about what you can actually afford before embarking on a major purchase. But what might I be willing to give up to get the thing I really desire? If I want a brand new shiny new dream car can I rejig what I spend my money on to make it affordable? What can I knock off my luxury items list?

This interactive and fun online tool from Shelbourne Motors  helps you do just that. You can choose which car you desire from your dream car list and it tells you the sort of lifestyle items you might want to say goodbye to in order to get your hands on that car. Say you want a Renault Clio for instance. You might only have to give up tickets to a Premier leaguer game, 3 pints and 2 lads nights out each month in order to get behind the wheel of your new car.

It actually is a good thing to look at such a major purchase in this way. We all like our little indulgencies but I have to admit to spending way too much of those little things just because it feels good. If we know we can cut out some of these luxuries we’re not too bothered about and then have a fantastic new car instead then that gives you that much need motivation.

Would you prefer eating takeaways every night or get that gleaming new MPV that you keep driving past in your tired old gas guzzler?

The tool can be viewed here, blog post and further information and new car deals here

What would you give up to get your dream car? – words Alan Turnbull


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