The most iconic restaurants around the world

The most iconic restaurants around the world – words Amy Turnbull

Each year we see the highly anticipated World’s 50 Best Restaurant list be announced and this sends scores of people flocking to the latest foodie hotspots in a bid to sample some of the world’s most tasty and boundary-pushing cuisine.

The influence of ‘The List’ cannot go unnoticed and once a particular establishment has reached a spot among the top 50 count, you can bet that the already hard to reach reservation spots become that much more unobtainable.

While the ranking and order of the Top 50 changes each year, there are certainly some very notable players that deserve our attention, year in and year out. Here is a look at some of the most highly ranked and most iconic restaurants in the world, having graced the top spots on the list at various stages in their lives.

iconic restaurants

Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark

A dining experience for two will set you back: $600 (without wine)

Noma has held the top ranking spot for many years and continues to push boundaries when it comes to not only being the origin to what has become ‘new Nordic’ cuisine but in ensuring that the ingredients being used are sourced from particular local regions only. An influential and unique dining experience. While in the past you might typically be served something like reindeer lichen, their most recent menu is all the more refined and exciting!

iconic restaurants

Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain

A dining experience for two will set you back: $390-$480 (without wine)

Run by two brothers, Celler de Can Roca learnt everything they know today from their parents and continue to dazzle people with their magic cooking skills. With roots that are very much Mediterranean you can certainly expect an experience that awakens the senses and brings what you think about Spanish cuisine on its head.

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Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy

A dining experience for two will set you back: $360-$525 (without wine)

Eating at the Osteria Francescana is often described as being much more than simply a culinary journey of discovery, but one that encompasses artistic flair too. This is a creative fine dining experience. The restaurant’s distinct contemporary artwork on the walls seems to be a gentle nod towards what one might expect on to arrive on your plate. Here you can expect to be served everything from the mortadella sandwich to the lacquered eel. Never a dull moment…

iconic restaurants

Eleven Madison Park in New York, USA

A dining experience for two will set you back: $450 (without wine)

Consider Eleven Madison Park to be your quintessential New York restaurant that features a quite theatrical feel with only the finest locally grown ingredients. This is why it has become one of the most famous restaurants in the world. Something that makes Eleven Madison Park stand out from the rest is the fact that they offer the finest service coupled with a whimsical take on your favourite NY culinary culture.

If you are looking to wait out and claim your very own highly coveted spot on one the reservation list at one of the aforementioned waiting lists, then be sure to always plan ahead of time for your travels. From filling out your E111 application to arranging travel insurance and the relevant injections- these are all essential to making your gastronomical experience that much more seamlessly executed and satisfying…

The most iconic restaurants around the world – words Amy Turnbull



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