Artistic Ceiling Decoration Ideas to Elevate a Room

words Alexa Wang

While people do numerous researches installing the new floor, painting the wall, and selecting the right furniture, they often do not think deeply about ceiling decoration. Instead, they mostly prefer to have a solid white ceiling. And indeed, a white roof is classy, but adding an artistic touch in the 5th wall design can dramatically transform your rooms, making a personal and beautiful interior statement with minimum effort. To that point, here we have gathered some of the best ceiling decoration ideas to create a luxurious impact on your home.

Artistic Ceiling Decoration

Stay close to the wall scheme

Decorating your ceiling with paint similar to your wall scheme is probably the most straightforward idea. We tend to see it as a given. You can go with an extra bit of lighter shade to decorate the ceiling flow. This idea will give your home a straightforward yet natural look. However, you can choose to do a lighter tint over the paint to add a little bit of charm.

Go for the classic coffered moulding

The classic coffered moulding design can never make you fail to make your space dramatic. A coffered ceiling can immediately elevate your space with an artistic and elegant vibe with a suitable colour scheme. Not a big fan of plain traditional design? You can opt for the modern hues. You can choose a unified colour scheme and paint each different moulding differently. Besides, antique furniture in the room will help to compliment your coffered ceiling design.

Get printed with wallpaper

Wallpaper is an impactful accent to any room. With suitable print and colour choices, wallpaper can light up your space within a blink. While the name may be too limiting or misleading, wallpaper can be integral to any ceiling decoration idea. For example, a dark blue-patterned print on your white room ceiling can instantly create a balance of intensity in the entire space.

Paint with contrasting colour.

Painting your ceiling in a colour that complements your other decoration instrument can be a dramatic design idea for your 5th ceiling. For example, a complete white furnished room contrasted with a deep green colour ceiling can do an absolute wonder. Then, tie it up with the cushion and ceiling light fixture to create a cohesive look in the entire space. In this case, it is ideal to use gloss paint which reflects the light and mitigates the lowering impact of dark colours.

Ceiling Decoration Ideas
Light the ceiling up

Are you not much devoted to a full-blown ceiling project? Your upward room decoration can still catch your attention. Making a lighting focal point to focus on can work in your favour. You can hang two or three similar or different chandeliers in glass Murano at varying heights to get a contemporary style. For a maximalist interior, hanging a ceiling light will bring a grand view to your room. You can find various artistic ceiling lamps from – handcrafted by the master glassmakers in the authentic Venetian classic Murano glass.


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