Struggling to sleep? How to eliminate poor sleeping habits

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Struggling to sleep? How to eliminate poor sleeping habits – words Al Woods

Your morning alarm rings but you can’t quite find the energy to get out of bed. You’re so dreary that it seems like you just slept an hour ago.

How is it that you didn’t get enough sleep? Unknowingly, we drastically affect our sleep quality through various means. Our bodies rest when we sleep and has a massive impact on our physical and mental health.

Although you might have the best memory foam mattress, if you don’t sleep enough, you risk deteriorating your health. How do you mitigate the risks of a poor sleeping pattern? Making simple changes to your routine can go a long way since certain peculiar tendencies affect how you sleep.


Identify Your Sleeping Time and Adopt Your Unique Schedule

When you have a regular sleeping rhythm, your body’s biological functions integrate with the schedule. A proper program is one whereby you sleep and wake up at basically that same time. If you usually sleep at 11:00 pm, ensure that you do this every day. This aids in setting your body’s internal clock and surprisingly, you will realize that an alarm isn’t even necessary any more. Everything synchronizes itself naturally once your body picks up your rhythm. Many people take advantage of their off-job days to sleep in, but it isn’t advisable. The longer you sleep, the higher the jet-lag symptoms you are going to encounter. If you are trying to recover some sleep, it is even better to take a small nap during the day.

Adopt a Suitable Bedtime Ritual

Your brain naturally produces melatonin that is more concentrated when you are in a dark environment. If you limit your exposure to bright light before you sleep, you can avoid turning on your bed trying to sleep. Look for a relaxing routine that you ought to conduct away from bright lights. Such a routine aids in separating your sleep time from the excitement and anxiety that makes sleeping even harder.

Complete Exercises During the Day

Intense exercise is great but if you cannot find the time to participate in one, taking part in a light one is even better than a complete lack. The exercise’s intensity, the better gains you make in improving your sleep. Even if you walk for twenty minutes during the day, you have exercised.

Analyze and Improve the Conditions of Your Bedroom

Create a suitable sleeping environment that is at par with the best sleeping conditions. Ensure that your bedroom isn’t too hot or too cold, a temperature of between 60 – 67 degrees is sufficient. You don’t need noise distraction as you are trying to sleep. Ascertain that you are set up in a very calm area. If you keep tossing and turning during the night, maybe it is time you bought a new mattress. The mattress and pillow that you use ought to be comfortable and discard one that is way past its life expectancy.

Be Mindful on What You Consume

Some foods might limit your capability to have a good night’s sleep. Caffeine is a stimulant and can still affect you ten hours after consumption. Alcohol is another major sleep depriver! Although you might immediately sleep after indulging in alcoholic drinks, your sleeping cycle will be very poor. Don’t consume a big meal before bedtime and also cut your sugary food intake.

Unfortunately, most people allow their busy schedules dictate how they sleep. This creates artificial sleeping patterns that negatively affect your physical and mental health. Via positive behavioral change, you can learn to sleep better. This will take some long to get used to, but the benefits are worth the effort.

Struggling to sleep? How to eliminate poor sleeping habits – words Al Woods



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