The best historical costumes to stock in your Halloween store

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historical costumes

Halloween has steadily grown in popularity over the past few years to the point that it is now one of the most popular holidays of the entire year. With this newfound popularity, demand for the best Halloween costumes suppliers has grown significantly.

As a Halloween costumes retailer, this is excellent news, but unfortunately the market is already saturated with Halloween goods and outfits, meaning to stand out, you will need to sell only the best and most unique costumes.

This then begs the questions; where would you find a wholesale costumes supplier to satisfy what you are looking for? And what are some of the most unique Halloween costumes to set you apart from all the other retailers? The answer is simple: historical Halloween costumes and what better place to get the costumes than from!

It is no secret that historical costumes are some of the most intriguing Halloween costumes out there, they elicit an intrigue that is hard to ignore. To say that they fly right off the shelf would be an understatement. This, coupled with an excellent drop shipping service means that you would be able to satisfy your customers’ orders in time, saving both time and money, and honestly, who doesn’t want that?

Before we go too far, it would probably be in our best interest to first clear things up regarding this costume dropship business and why it is the best choice when it comes to selling Halloween costumes.

Dropshipping makes it possible for you to pick out the best outfits for your store from the costumes suppliers and have them shipped directly to your buyers. How does this work you ask? It’s quite simple; your client simply places their order on your platform, the order and the customer’s delivery information is then relayed to the supplier who then fulfills the order by shipping the goods directly to the client.

This is a brilliant business model especially for the sale of historical Halloween costumes because you don’t have to maintain a physical inventory of the products; a significant cut back in the cost of doing business and also allows you the freedom to work remotely.

Historical figure costumes are also quite versatile; they not only come in handy during the Halloween season but also during other holidays and events. Indeed a great option when it comes to themed events as entertainment costumes — ensuring sales throughout the year.

That said, here are a few of the most popular historical costumes you can consider for your store:

18th Century Costumes

The 18th century is one of the most popular historical costumes inspirations. The period was a time of wonder what with the rapid urbanization of the society at the time and boom in industrialization. This growth in the industry saw great development in the fashion of the time which translates to great costumes for Halloween presently. The intricate designs of the outfits make them very popular, and they will almost definitely sell out.

Historical Figure Costumes

historical theme

You would be hard-pressed to meet someone who doesn’t have a hero from the past. Be it a great warrior or ruler, to writers and philosophers; the past it full of great men and women who offer great historical figure costumes inspiration. This makes for good business; it would only make sense that you should tap into this ripe market if you have a Halloween store. A you can choose from a wide selection of historical figure costumes at wholesale prices to make maximum profit this Halloween season.

Biblical Figure Costumes

A great Halloween costume is one which is easily identifiable. No one needs to ask who the inspiration was because it is evident in the ensemble. There are few historical costumes that can boast this level of recognition compared to the biblical figure costumes. And for this effect to be fully realized the costumes need to be of exceptional quality and design. Whether it be Jesus, the Virgin Mary or Joseph, a well thought out and designed biblical figure costume is sure to catch the attention of a shopper.

Roman Goddess Costumes

party costumes

A full-proof way to make a statement with an entertainment costume is to show up in an outfit that screams regal beauty! Surely, what ensemble could better do this than a goddess costume? As mentioned before Halloween as a holiday is about having fun though expression in for form of Halloween costumes, and through the right outfits, your buyers will be able to tell their stories and express themselves. Ensembles such as the Roman goddess costume are sure to spark the intrigue of anyone looking to make a lasting statement with their Halloween look, which is basically everyone, and this will boost your sales.

The Halloween season comes around only once a year; it is a big deal for those who own a Halloween or costumes store because it is the peak season. If you are one of said business owners you should make the most of the Halloween season by establishing strategic partnerships with the right costumes wholesalers, you should also ensure that you streamline your operations to reduce unnecessary redundancies to maximize on efficiency and profit.

You can achieve all this through a costumes dropship partnership such as is offered on Here you can pick out and sell costumes from the extensive selection offered, all from the comfort of your home. You do not need to worry about stocking up on inventory or the hustle that comes from having a physical location, neither do you have to worry about fulfilling the orders yourself because the goods are shipped directly to your buyers.


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