How to Look like Margot Robbie?

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How often has it happened that you have wanted to look like the star whom you adore? Or whose sense of style has left you bewildered? While speaking of the best-looking stars who radiate that charm and make you want to look like them, one cannot help but talk about our wild child, Harley Quinn!

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie, who earned immense fame as Harley Quinn, is beautiful and popular even beyond the role. Whether she is on screen and her appearance is all taken care of by professionals, or she sports the girl next door look, Margot Robbie looks ever graced.

When The Suicide Squad was first aired on-screen, the charismatic Harley Quinn was all over the place. We saw many young girls and Instagram influencers redo the look and pose with the caption “Hey Puddin!”

However, the craze didn’t end there. Girls still cannot stop looking for tips on how to style like Margot Robbie. This article will give you some idea about how you can get the look like Margot Robbie. Read till the end.

Flawless Skin for the Perfect Makeup

Margot Robbie’s make-up routine is taken care of by Pati Dubroff who is an award-winning makeup artist. She revealed in an interview how she imparts the perfect look to Margot Robbie’s face and adds the oomph factor to her look. However, the first thing she mentioned is that Margot’s healthy and glowing skin is the key to her perfect makeup look. You can ensure your skin is radiant and luminous with a stem cell collagen serum which is enriched with key ingredients to give your skin a fresh start before even picking up a blush brush to look like Margo Robbie.

Blush Blush on the Cheeks

One needs to prepare a proper skincare routine for the skin before applying make-up. This includes cleansing the skin, toning it, and moisturizing it. Once you are done with this, pay attention to the blush. How to get the pinky pop on your face? 

For this, you will first have to apply a layer of foundation. Then take a tinge of creamy pink blush on your fingers and tap it on your cheeks. Let the blush sit. After you have completed the same with the rest of the face, top the makeup with some loose powder, and follow it with some powder blush. This should give you the desired look.

Let the Eyes do the Talking like Margot Robbie’s do

When it comes to the eyes, many people are scared that they might overdo the makeup and ruin the entire look. Robbie’s makeup artist uses a hack. She says that she prefers using a tad bit of neutral cream shadow over the eyelid. This does not only help to retain the makeup, but also evens the look. This forms the base for your eye makeup.

Once the base has been corrected, your eyes will require some contouring. You can define your eyes by using soft marte tones. This prevents the eye-makeup from looking flat.

Now, the final touch that defines Margot Robbie as she is, is the hint of light pink towards the inner corners of the eyes. This is the ultimate touch that makes her eyes pop out and adds a statement to it. This also makes her eyelids bigger and more prominent.

Margot’s eye makeup is finally finished with a hint of nude, ivory, or white liner that is applied on the lower rim of her eyelids. A little bit of mascara makes her eyes look fuller and gorgeous!

Therefore, getting your eyes done like Margot Robbie is now an easy feat, ain’t it?

Pout it Like Margot

Margot Robbie’s makeup looks extremely subtle. She doesn’t go heavy on her lip makeup. She prefers light shades like soft pink or neutral tones and lines it with a lip liner. This way, you will get the perfect pout!

Some of her Statement Dresses

Here are some of the dresses that you can adorn to get the look like Margot Robbie:

  1. Gorgeous dresses: We cannot help but swoon over Margot’s backless gown look. They are bold yet sophisticated and are sure to create a look that will help you stand out even in a crowd of hundreds.

Pro tip: Make sure that you pair your backless dress with the right undergarment. It takes just one unwanted strap to ruin the entire look!

  • Monochrome love: Margot Robbie loves white and black, but she looks incredible when she punches both of them together! Yes, you got it right. Another popular style statement of Margot Robbie is her striking monochrome look. She steers clear of designs or patterns and tries to keep her fashion simple.
  • Dazzle with sequins: Up for a glamorous event? A shimmering dress embellished with sequins can be a saviour. Pair your sequined dress with a silhouette, and you are glammed up for the day!
  • Lace love: Laces are always feminine. Margot Robbie loves to wear feminine, ladylike, lacy dresses. This makes her look soft, elegant, and beautiful.
  • Off-shoulder and chic: An off-shoulder fashion is suited on all kinds of tops, dresses, bodysuits and sometimes even jumpers. And going by Margot Robbie’s body measurements, those off-shoulder dresses look absolutely gorgeous. If you follow Margot Robbie’s fashion, you will know that the lady is fond of off-shoulder sleeves. They look sophisticated, feminine, and extremely sexy.

Accessorize it Right

Although Margot Robbie never outdoes her get-up, she knows how to add a splash of color and add statement to her look. Many times, she has been spotted carrying a vibrant red purse with her solid, nude, or monochrome dress.

The Bottom Line 

Margot Robbie also loves bohemian clothes. She looks feminine and relaxed in outfits like a maxi skirt with patterns, a collarless blouse, a kimono, a jumpsuit, etc. For the lazy, girl next door look, Margot Robbie resorts to a pair of jeans and white sneakers. So effortless yet stylish, isn’t it? Such style statements are easily accessible and extremely affordable. Therefore, it is for sure that you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to get the rich look like Margot Robbie!

Alongside all these, you can also pay close attention to how the actress does her hair, and how she carries herself. This way, you can get closer to looking like her.


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