What you need to include every general home cleanup

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home cleanup

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home is a full-time job. Many details go into home cleanups that can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed. However, most people like to have schedules to organize what needs to be done around the house in the most efficient manner. There are daily tasks like washing the dishes and tidying up.

This will help you maintain a clean home at all times and keep you sane throughout the week. If you already have your daily and weekly tasks under control, but need some help to identify what to do when you want to give your home a general cleanup in between, we’ve got you covered with a few tips. 

Dusting and Sweeping

If you live in a highly polluted city or somewhere with a desert climate, you will find yourself reaching for the vacuum too often. However, it is not enough to dust your furniture and vacuum the floor, you have to allow for proper ventilation since dust particles tend to hang around, affecting the quality of the air you and your family breathe. If it is too hot to open the windows in  your home, you can buy an air purifier. Clean air specialists at https://www.airprofessor.com/ explain that there are a variety of air purifiers, each serving a different purpose. However, almost all purifiers can be extremely effective in purifying your home from dust. You will definitely find the one that best suits your needs at a decent price. If you or your family members suffer from asthma or you’re prone to allergies, you can have the best of both worlds and find air purifiers that would address these issues as well while removing dust. Investing in good quality cleaning tools also help in achieving the best results, and to keep your place dust-free. The tools help in cleaning the windows efficiently and effectively.

Mopping With Water and Floor Detergent

To remove any traces of dust from the floors after sweeping, you need to bring out the mop. Fill a cleaning bucket with equal parts of water and floor detergent and go over the dust-free floors. Once you smell the fresh scent of cleanliness spread around your home, you will feel that it was worth the extra effort. Make sure you wash your mop before starting to avoid any annoying streaks that might tarnish your floors. Use a disinfecting detergent for a more efficient cleanup that will last you longer. 

Change Bed Sheets and Towels

Even if your sheets seem clean, you do not have to wait for visible signs that they need to be changed. Sweat and dust seep into your sheets while sleeping; this can exacerbate your allergies. Make it a habit to change your sheets every few days to maintain your good night’s sleep. The same goes for your towels. Change them often, especially if you do not expose them to fresh air after using them. 

Take Out the Trash

There is a sense of achievement that comes with emptying the trash every night before going to bed. It is enough to make you feel like your home is clean even if you did not do any actual cleaning. This includes other trash cans in your bedrooms, toilets, and living room. The best way to ensure you will stick to this chore is to replace your huge kitchen trash can with a  medium-sized one that you know will get full on a daily basis. This way, you will find it inevitable to take the trash out before you go to bed. You will be thankful you’re committed to this habit, especially if you are used to having a lot of foul-smelling food waste in your garbage.

Clean the Bathrooms

It goes without saying that bathrooms should be cleaned more frequently than any other room in the house. Understandably, it is the space most prone to germs and nasty bacteria. Make sure you have all of the essential detergents at all times. Scrub the toilet and sink, and clean the faucets from gunk build-up. Always remember that a clean bathroom is a sign of a clean home. 

Wash the Curtains and Carpets

Give your curtains a proper wash every week since they can easily collect dust and hold on to other odors. As for the carpets, vacuuming is not enough.  You might think that your carpets are clean after a vacuuming session, but you can easily miss the different stains especially on your colorful ones. Invest in a steam carpet cleaner to make sure you can get to the stains in-between the carpet fibers. If you have a crawling baby, carpet steaming is important for his/her health. 

Between work and other daily commitments, people find it hard to stick to general home cleanups. If you do not have any help, you can delegate tasks to your family members. Assign each person a chore to be responsible for throughout the week. This will make your life easier and you will maintain the cleanliness of your home at all times. After all, no one likes to run around frantically cleaning and tidying up when an unannounced guest shows up at their door. 


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