8 Tips to Grow Long and Luscious Locks: Curly Hair Edition

words Alexa Wang

On average, hair can grow 6 inches every year. However, growing long and healthy hair may seem like a far-fetched dream if you have curly hair.

After all, without the right type of care, curls are more vulnerable to split ends and frizz, which cause breakage and hair loss. Moreover, since curls are bendy, the true length of your hair is hard to understand.

But don’t worry—this guide has some effective tips to help you grow long and strong curls sooner!

1. Splurge on the right products

Most products on the market are designed for straight hair. They contain sulfates and silicones, severely damaging curly hair, causing frizz, split ends, and stunted growth.

So, invest in curly hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, gels, mousse, or hair oil. Breathe new life into your mane with a brand focusing on curly hair alone.

2. Wash only when necessary

Curly hair needs far less frequent washing compared to other hair types. This depends on factors like how much you style and how your hair looks and feels.

For instance, if you hardly use styling products and your hair seems fresh for a long time, don’t wash it until you need it.

However, if your hair has styling product residue flakes, your scalp feels itchy or oily, curls appear limp or stiff, or you expose hair to swimming pool chlorine often, wash your hair more frequently.

If you frequently apply styling products, use a clarifying shampoo every four weeks to remove buildup from your hair.

3. Avoid heat styling

Curly hair is prone to heat damage from heat styling. They can break the bonds of your hair and change the shape of hair’s proteins.

This makes your hair less elastic, i.e., strands lose the bounce and become weaker, making your hair prone to damage. Damaged hair breaks often, so you can’t grow it out fast.

So, avoid frying your hair with overexposure to heat-styling tools, such as blow dryers, straighteners, curlers, and crimping tools.

4. Chemical treatments are a big NO

Chemicals like bleach, dye, and straighteners are extremely damaging to delicate curly hair. They change the hair structure, increase porosity, and make it dry, brittle, and weaker. This leads to more breakage, and hair growth seems negligible.

If you can’t avoid undergoing chemical treatments (e.g., your profession demands it), ensure you get them only once in a while. However, if possible, avoid such treatments as much as you can,

5. Be gentle with your hair

Treating your hair gently reduces the chances of breakage and helps your hair grow faster.

While shampooing, massage it slowly, and be careful if you have long nails. Don’t yank on hair during washing and detangling; use room-temperature water. Never use hot or cold water.

Be gentle while drying your hair. Use a microfiber towel or an old, soft T-shirt instead of a cotton towel. You must also sleep on a silk pillowcase or wear a silk bonnet. Cotton pillowcases wreck curls.

Choose hairstyles that don’t strain the roots or hair shaft. Use claw clips instead of rubber or elastic bands, which pull on the hair and leave undesirable marks.

6. Get regular trims

Because of the coils, curly hair grows slower than straight hair. Many people avoid getting regular trims because of this.

However, you must get one-eighth-inch trims every 10-12 weeks as it removes split ends. Otherwise, the split ends can ride up and make your mane thinner and shorter quickly.

7. Indulge in hot oil treatments

Massage hot oil on your scalp and hair length the night before or 2 hours before your hair wash. This helps restore lost moisture to your hair and scalp, promotes blood circulation, and improves hair growth and health.

8. Pop some supplements

Buy some hair growth vitamins and supplements. Get one rich in collagen and amino acids that strengthen keratin (an important hair protein).

It’s better to seek a doctor and get a recommended dose based on your age and body needs. Maintain a healthy diet and cut back on junk food. Have more wholesome food rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and proteins.


Remember, you need lots of patience and dedication to grow long, luscious curls. So, implement these tips today; with time and perseverance, you’ll have a stunning crown full of curls!



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