What is the difference between corsets and cinchers?

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The era of waist-training and victorian corsets is making a significant comeback in the 2020s. As women and youngsters navigate their way through the wide use of corsets and cinchers in the fashion industry, many people get easily confused between the two. But both corsets and waist cinchers have very different purposes.

Corsets and waist cinchers, though they seem alike, have many differences. There is a wide variety of choices available in both of these shapewear accessories, like corsets designed for waist training or lace waist cinchers. So let’s clear up the difference between corsets and cinchers through this article!

corsets and cinchers

What are corsets?

Corsets for women are a kind of fashion accessory as well as a form of widely used shapewear. They were mainly used to support and uplift the breasts of women when bras weren’t around or weren’t widely accessible to women. They give ample back support and that is why an upside to wearing corsets was that they correct the body posture and present spinal or cardiac conditions.

Corsets are available in any type such as underbust corsets, overbust corsets, waist training corsets, corset tops, etc. Corsets were primarily worn by both men and women as shapewear underneath their clothing. In recent years, however, corsets have become popularized as bold fashion accessories worn as outwear to complement dresses and tops. There has been a huge rise in the popularity of corset tops as well.

What are waist cinchers?

Waist cinchers are waist training accessories (or shapewear) worn by both men and women. They are used primarily to achieve a slim waist and an hourglass figure. Waist cinchers tuck in or compress bulging bellies and provide a neat and slim waist look. They are worn as shapewear underneath clothing, however, waist cinchers are recent inventions and unlike corsets do not provide support to breasts.

Waist cinchers are available in many materials, sizes, and types depending on what purpose they’re worn for. Waist cinchers usually contain metal strands that give a desired shape to the body and keep the belly tucked. Waist training cinchers and common waist cinchers are also different from each other as waist training cinchers are more waist cinchers since their impact on the body figure varies greatly. Many pregnant women also turn to waist cincher belts after pregnancy to keep their figure intact and tighten loose skin around the belly.

corsets and cinchers

Understanding the difference between corset and cincher

Corsets were seen as restrictive garments worn by women for many years. In the older centuries, there weren’t a plethora of options to choose from when buying corsets, which meant that many women wore corsets that were unsuitable for their bodies just to attain a feminine figure. And that is why many people get confused between corsets and cinchers.

Waist cinchers can seem similar to underbust corsets or waspies, but they are both very different kinds of garments. Here is a breakdown of some of the differences between a corset and a cincher:

  1. Corsets are primarily used to support and uplift women’s breasts, their upside is that they define the body and help women look more feminine. Corsets can be restrictive for some, but it entirely depends on the purpose of wearing them and the kind of corset you wear.
  2. Waist cinchers are mainly used to compress belly fat and get a slimmer waist and hourglass figure. They are quite restrictive, no matter the type or size you wear since they essentially tuck in your belly fat to make your waist look smaller.
  3. Corsets can be worn as both outerwear and shapewear, or even as lingerie. They are also available as corset tops which can be worn as everyday clothing. But waist cinchers are only worn underneath clothing as shapewear as they are not fashioned garments.
  4. Waist cinchers are known to reduce the appetite as they are used for waist training, but corsets don’t alter your appetite in any way.
  5. Corsets and waist cinchers both make the body seem more defined and feminine. Corsets, for this reason, are available in a variety of coverage types like underbust and overbust. While waist cinchers are only used to cover the waist.

Which is better: corsets or waist cinchers?

Whether you should wear a waist cincher or corset, entirely depends on why you want to wear either of them. If your main objective is to get a slim waist and an hourglass figure, go forthe best waist cinchers you can find. Although there is not much difference between a waspie and a cincher, if you are open to waist training, cinchers are the best.

However, if you are someone who needs a temporary feminine look along with comfort and support, go for a corset. There are many different kinds of corsets you can choose depending on your outfit and where you wear them. Corsets are much less restrictive than waist cinchers and they do not affect your appetite either.


Do waist cinchers flatten your stomach? Yes. But are they the same as underbust corsets? No! Waist cinchers and corsets vary greatly. To point out the main difference between corsets and cinchers: corsets are used for many purposes, including posture improvement but cinchers are mainly used to compress bulging bellies and attain an hourglass figure. Waist cinchers are also much more restrictive than corsets as they keep the belly tightly pressed under.


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