5 eyecare tips when you’re travelling

words Alexa Wang

Packing eyecare products probably isn’t the first item on your “To Do” list when going on vacation, but it should be in there somewhere. It is important to take care of your eyes even when planning a family vacation. Use these five tips to care for your eyes properly.

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Limit Wearing Contacts on Flights

The atmosphere on board a plane is dry, which can cause your skin and eyes to dry out. Since disposable contacts consist of primarily water, up to 69 percent, they can get dry too.

Instead of wearing your contacts on a long flight, consider wearing prescription glasses to protect your eyes. Also, pack a bottle of lubricating eye drops in your carry on to moisten your eyes during the flight.

Pack Eyecare Supplies

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is losing your glasses or contacts and needing to buy a new pair. Include an extra pair of prescription glasses and contacts in an eyecare kit, along with an extra lens case and cleaning solution.

A pair of prescription sunglasses and swim goggles will be important to take along with you as well. If you swim with contacts in, the goggles can protect your eyes from the chlorine in the water and any microbes that are in it.

Save Space with Daily Contacts

With the size restrictions on luggage and the amount of liquids allowed in carry-ons, it may be prudent to pack daily contact lenses instead of reusable ones. In many countries, passengers can only bring about 100 milliliters of liquid with them.

Instead, buy some good quality contact lenses that you can wear once and then dispose of to save space in your luggage. Without needing to worry about taking contact cleaning solution and a storage case, you will have some room for other products, like shampoo or makeup.

Give Your Eyes a Vacation

Travelling can be tough on your body, especially if you’re crossing several time zones and going to where the weather is dramatically different than home. Plus, some people don’t sleep well when in a different bed, which can irritate your eyes.

Give your eyes a break by wearing your glasses for a day, drinking plenty of water to hydrate your body, and resting as much as possible. Taking an afternoon nap can help energize you for an evening in a disco or meeting new friends for drinks. It will help your eyes rest too.

Wear Lenses with UV Protection

Even if you wear sunglasses that blocks most ultraviolet, UV, light, you should plan to buy contacts with UV protection as well. If your sunglasses don’t wrap around your head, the sun’s rays can still get into your eyes from the sides of the sunglasses.

Optometrists recommend wearing contact lenses with UV blocking abilities to ensure your eyes always get the protection they need. Lenses are available in two classifications of UV protection.

  • Class I – These lenses are recommended for wearing to the beach or in the mountains and provide 90 percent UVA and 99 percent UVB protection.
  • Class II – These are general purpose lenses that provide 70 percent UVA and 95 percent UVB protection for your eyes.

No matter what time of year that you go on vacation, you need to protect your eyes from the sun’s strong rays. You can do this by wearing UV protective lenses, giving your eyes a break, and packing an eyecare kit in your luggage.


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