The five most requested typologies of tissue in 2022

words Al Woods

After a two-year and a half recession, the fashion business has finally experienced, during the first half of 2022, a huge propulsive thrust, able to bring back the entire industry to the pre-pandemic splendor. Finally, the sales data and the overall renewed interest towards everything is identifiable as “fine dressing” and the so-called haute couture has bought back the fashion at the center of public debate, with a new, deeper awareness. Which one?

fashion material

Quite simple to say, much harder to put into practice. In a few words: fashion is not just about “getting all dressed up” and looking particularly appealing, provocative, expressive, through our garments. Fashion is mainly a social issue and a cultural fact, and everything affects this industry has specific reasons that resonates all around the world. The most current – and inevitably tragic – example is the expulsion de facto of Russia from the global market: this means that 2022’s fashion is not affected anymore by the Russian buyers’ taste, in the recent past the world’s most regular fashion customers.

This new hype for fashion has several beneficial consequences in all the production chains, starting from the source: the production of tissues, one of the most refined manufacturing areas of the entire process. And when we talk about manufacturing, Italy is the epicenter of one of the most renowned artisan tradition, especially when it comes with weaving and yarn dyeing. Just take a look at the Italian textiles by Carvico to get a clearer picture.

Highlighting all the factors that have put Italy on top of tissue manufacturing (long time ago now) would be an idle and even cloying practice. It’s enough to recall that Italy was a repository of the best artisans since the Renaissance. This means that we’re talking about a tradition that dives its roots back to more than six centuries ago. An incomparable congeries of mastery and consolidated craftsmanship that defines by itself the extent of Italian excellence.

Italian fabrics are again highly requested on the international market. Especially some specific typologies. Let’s discover the best of them.

1. Eco-friendly fabrics. The fashion industry’s post-pandemic new awareness also passes through an awakening of a renewed environmental consciousness. Recycled tissues – like, for example, fishing nets and carpet fluff – are given a brand new life in a completely new guise, according to a circular economy model that is considered one of the cornerstones of our planet’s salvation.

2. Sportswear fabrics. Like the fashion business, the world of fitness has experiences a period of recession, which coincided with the most acute phase of the pandemic. But now a lot people are rediscovering the beauty of doing sports, training and doing outdoor exercises. That’s why the entire sportswear sector is going through an actual boom in sales.

3. Apparel fabrics. We can also call it: the revenge of fine dressing. You may be the scruffiest person of the world, but a set of quality clothes to pull out and wear in very special occasions can really make your day.

4. Furnishing fabrics. Not only people need to dress up: sometimes our interior (or outdoor) design objects have the same need. In fact, to be honest, tissues have become the basic key element of a good décor.

5. Breathable fabrics. For so many time we have neglected the importance of skin perspiration for our health. But fortunately, for a couple of decades now people have finally realized how crucial is letting our skin breathe. As a result of that, we have a constantly increasing demand for breathable clothes.


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