How to Help Your Teenager Become More Independent in Life

words Al Woods

There is a time when your teenager will grow up and want to fly the nest; whether you are happy about this when the time comes or not will depend mainly on your relationship with your adolescent and whereabouts they are looking to go next.

Many teenagers choose the stepping stone of university to ease them into the adult world, but some still feel they have had enough with the educational sector and want to move on and have ‘real’ experiences of their own. Regardless of which kind of young person you have under your wings, you are going to have to nurture them and make sure that they have a few fundamentals under their belt before they spread their own.

Teenager independence

#1 Teach Them to Budget

Being able to budget rather than living a life of abundance (especially financially) is a very beneficial lesson to learn. Finances affect every area of modern life and can put an immense strain on mental health if money is tight or investments take a turn for the worst.

It is therefore a good idea to teach your teenager the value of money before they move to a more independent life and find themselves strapped for cash. Budgeting, when carried out correctly, can easily become a good way of life that grants better success and overall wellbeing, so starting to learn this early on is a wise move.

#2 Reliable Travel Options

It is highly likely that you are going to want them to have a choice in terms of travel options so that they can be mobile and not reliant on just one area, such as public transport or the parent taxi.

In this area of their lifestyle, you will want to help them get a reliable car that will keep them safe while enjoying the freedom that comes with having their own wheels. As such, looking in the car supermarket Essex has may help you find a sound first car for your teen from a commendable source, which will allow them to travel on a whim whenever they feel like it, rather than having to wait for the next bus or train or be ferried around by parents.

Teenage independence

#3 Personal Growth

Whether your teenager is interested in attending college or not, you should make sure they are aware of the bonuses in store for them should they continue their education – even if they go down the more convenient route of pursuing online courses, which will enable them to continue to work and earn money at the same time as their studies.

Higher education may lead to better earnings and is also connected to job satisfaction, better career opportunities, and employer preferences, as it shows that the person in question is prepared to put extra effort into their personal growth, has valuable skills, and also has the ability to learn.

#4 Cooking Abilities

You would be surprised by the number of people that do not know how to cook a nutritious meal – young people included. It is therefore important that you teach your teenager how to prepare and cook meals from scratch rather than have them rely on purchasing their foods from fast food outlets or buying prepackaged convenience foods with high levels of salt, sugar, and artificial additives.

Cooking from scratch is not only a lot more healthy, but it is also highly enjoyable and can even be turned into a prosperous career within the food industry.


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