7 Must-have Summer ’22 Fashion Trends

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Summer ’22 Fashion Trends

More than two years since the start of the COVID pandemic, many people are finally believing that we are experiencing the beginning of the end of lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine requirements and other vestiges of outbreaks of this devastating disease. Already, people are venturing out to enjoy movies in theaters, spend weekends at music festivals and travel around the globe in airplanes.

It is safe to assume that summer 2022 will be much like it was in the before times — which means you need to get your summer wardrobe ready for the beach days, pool parties, barbecues and other exciting outdoor events you are likely to enjoy over the coming months.

If you haven’t shopped for anything other than sweat sets for two years, you aren’t alone. Here is a quick must-buy list to get your summer fits feeling right.

Sleeveless Mini Dress

Y2K fashion is back in a big way, and there is no better evidence for this than the return of the mini dress. In the heat of the summer, donning a sparkly, tight-fitting, sleeveless dress that grazes the top of your thighs will keep you feeling cool in every way. You can dress down your dress with some chunky low-top sneakers, which will help elongate your legs, and you can throw on an oversized blazer when those hot summer days transition into chilly summer nights.

Wide Net Skirt

Wide-weave net is in, especially in the summertime when it evokes images of a sexy shoreline. However, netting can be a bit confusing to style. We recommend diving into this trend with a long skirt as opposed to a top or dress. Then, you have plenty of options for what you can wear underneath. If you like the see-through look, you can put on a bodycon skirt of any length. For a bolder fashion choice that provides some warmth, you can toss on some colorful leggings below your skirt. Finally, you style your open net skirt as a coverup for a bathing suit at the pool or beach.

White Tank Top

Some might argue that a plain white tank is a basic fashion staple, not a trend. However, plenty of designers are releasing white tanks as essential elements of their runway shows, indicating that the tank top is having a moment. You should look to early 2000s trends for inspiration on how to wear your tank, which today goes by a much different name than it did in Y2K. In general, you should go for loose and long, with baggy jeans or a flowy skirt.

Swimsuit With Cutouts

Summer is all about showing more skin, and cutouts are perhaps the best way to highlight unconventional corners of your body. Instead of investing in the ittiest-bittiest bikini you can find, you should opt for a one-piece with cutouts in strategic spaces. Asymmetrical swim styles are in, so you might look for cutouts that are irregularly shaped or are otherwise unbalanced around the body. As long as you feel confident and contained, you will look incredibly cool in your cutouts.

Fashion Trends 2022

Pastel Power Suit

The matching sweat sets of the pandemic might not be as appropriate for everyday life now that you must venture outside your house on a regular basis, but you can maintain a similar vibe by investing in a pastel power suit. Power suits tend to be a bit oversized, allowing you to feel both comfortable and chic. You can find power suits with wide-leg trousers, tight leggings or skirts of all varieties, as befits your personal style. As long as your suit is in a summery color, like millennial pink, orange or periwinkle blue, you should have a trendy business-ready look for the season.

Long Pencil Skirt

Though mid-length pencil skirts have remained popular in the workspace, the rest of the fashion world has largely forgotten their appeal — until now. Long pencil skirts, which reach all the way to the ankles, are making a comeback. For the summer, you want to get a pencil skirt that reaches mid-calf and hugs the hips, but it should look casual and less-tailored than one you might buy for work. Up top, you should pair your pencil skirt with a fitted shirt that shows plenty of midriff.

Designer Accessories

Many of the summer fashion trends listed above are incredibly affordable, meaning you can update your wardrobe for summer ’22 without breaking the bank. Still, you might want to style up your looks with a handful of designer accessories. Small touches of bling like Cartier shades, an Yves Saint Laurent handbag or Givenchy slides are enough to give your outfits some glamor this upcoming season.

You need a summer-ready wardrobe, and you need it fast. Fortunately, you only need a few trendy pieces to pull together looks for your summer activities, which means you can get out of your house and back into reality in no time.


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