Japan’s Okinawa region – An ancient & spiritual land

Japan’s Okinawa region – An ancient & spiritual land – words Alexa Wang

Japan’s Okinawa region is a lush subtropical environment that has its own unique flavour and culture.

It is in fact made up of hundreds of islands lying at the southernmost point of Japan. It draws tourists for its spiritual nature as well as the beauty of the landscapes and white beaches.

Japan is high on many people’s travel bucket list but the Okinawa region is something else. To highlight the fact a series of videos has been produced called Life, By Okinawa to showcase the region’s extraordinary attributes. In one of the videos we get to meet Daniel Fuchs a blogger from Germany with a big love of fitness and the body beautiful. He was invited to visit the region in the East China Sea and experience a completely different side of life. He’s the kind of guy who’s devoted to the gym and doesn’t feel whole unless his physique is 100% toned.


Well he gets to visit Okinawa and it’s a revelation for him. He meets people who show him a truly alternative form of human happiness, fitness and well being. The region is well known for the longevity, as well as quality of life, of its citizens. Here you will find the highest concertation of centenarians in the world and they all seem to have this inner strength. Their diet is all built around the abundance and quality of the vegetables and how they prepare them. They are always active and happy and outgoing and have a soundness of mind due to the meditation and inner strength they build into their lives. As you can see from the video this has a real impact on Daniel who also meets his own martial arts and spiritual mentor extraordinaire.

Japan’s Okinawa region – An ancient & spiritual land – words Alexa Wang

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