Creating your own peaceful space at home

Creating your own peaceful space at home – words Louise Woods

There’s a definite trend for creating dedicated areas in a home for relaxation and general unwinding, hence the growth of ‘dens,’ ‘man caves’ and similar.

It’s not just a spare room with a TV and an iPod dock either; some people go to town and create an immersive space that might even be themed, feature the latest in entertainment tech or – if that’s the main interest – music-making facilities or a themed bar design.

Where to locate your peaceful oasis?

Sometimes it may be in the basement, a spare unused room, or maybe an outbuilding is constructed or converted? Sometimes the garage can be converted into a dedicated area, and items previously stored in it such as tools and even vehicles may be relocated to a purposebuilt prefabricated Quonset hut or other metal shed structure.

Maybe the loft can be converted into a man cave or den? Integral garages are a popular way to create the space needed, a key advantage being that the relaxation area is still connected to the house in general.

Building and conversion techniques have developed to a point where almost anything is possible, and inventive uses of space continually evolve.

Not just indoors

For some, creating an outdoor oasis of calm is of interest so reconfiguring the garden or perhaps partitioning some of it off to create a dedicated area is the way to go.

The space can be tailored to the use it’s going to be put to easily enough; for example, if it’s somewhere peaceful to meditate or practice yoga then suitable muted colors and comfortable matting may be used.

For general relaxation, maybe artificial plants and perhaps some fake grass could be used to create a ‘green’ space minus the maintenance issues.

How do you relax?

Creating the ideal peaceful area depends on what you particularly find relaxing: is it listening to your old favorites on the stereo and being able to focus? In which case, a room equipped with decent quality hi-fi might be your thing.

Perhaps you like the ‘health spa’ approach? In this instance upgrading your bathroom to incorporate ‘spa’ type facilities might be worth considering? Even installing just a spa bath can have definite benefits to well being.

Maybe it’s keeping it simple in a restful environment so you can read peacefully or meditate? In which case an uncluttered environment with muted colors, comfortable seating and maybe even soundproofed would be worthwhile?

Perhaps being able to focus when you work out is key? In which case a home gym might be important to you whereas others are happy to pop down to the local gym and pay a subscription.

Maybe you find peace in certain relaxing hobbies such as painting? A space conducive to this would be easy enough to set up with plenty of room for your easel or drawing board – and maybe add to natural light with a bigger window or skylight?

An entirely peaceful environment

Rather than just having one room as a ‘peaceful oasis’ why not consider your whole home contributing to the peaceful vibe?

Various adjustments to other spaces in the house could be made; perhaps one or two rooms are cluttered or painted in that shade you’ve always disliked but never got round to changing?

Try these suggestions for an overall ‘peaceinducing makeover’. It can make your dedicated space all the more effective knowing the rest of your home is restful too.


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