5 useful pieces of photography gear to take on a trip – words Alexa Wang

If you plan on shooting lots of great photos on your next trip – you need to pack accordingly. Taking the right photography gear could help you to not only capture better photos, but make it easier as well.
While there are many types of photography gear that you may want to take with you, there are a few that are especially useful:


  • Portable camera stand

Having a portable camera stand can be great for keeping your camera still while you capture photos, and will make a big difference to their quality. Nowadays there are many models of portable travel tripods or monopods that you can choose from.

If you have difficulty choosing either a tripod or monopod, consider how you intend to use it. A tripod can provide far better stability and is good for long exposures. On the other hand a monopod can bet set up more quickly and is easier to move around.

  • Cleaning equipment

Make no mistake you should never go on a trip without packing the cleaning equipment that you need for your camera. It would be best to come up with a small kit that includes microfiber cleaning cloths, a ‘puffer’ (i.e. air blaster), cleaning fluid, and possibly some non-abrasive wipes.

  • External hard drive

Having a decently-sized external hard drive will give you the option of offloading the photos that you snap from your memory cards at the end of every day. That way you can free up space so that you don’t end up running out of space.

If you don’t take an external hard drive you should make sure you have lots of spare memory cards with out – but getting a good external hard drive is generally much more cost-efficient.

  • Power plug adapters

Be sure to check what type of power plug the country that you’re visiting is using – and bring a power plug adapter if you need one. Finding out once you get there that you can’t plug in any of your devices will definitely not be good.

  • Shooter bag

A shooter bag can be very convenient when you don’t need to lug around all your photography equipment (which is often the case). It should be large enough to fit your camera, stand, spare batteries and memory cards, and possibly a lens or two.

Just like any bag for camera equipment your shooter bag should be padded and water-resistant. It will provide you with an easy way to carry around just the equipment that you need, instead of lugging everything that you brought with you everywhere that you go.

Aside from the gear listed above, bringing along your laptop with you is always a good plan.

It may help to install Movavi Photo Editor on it so you can edit and tweak the photos that you snap during your downtime. Due to its intuitive approach, you should be able to easily enhance your photos, fix any issues, or even add caption to photo, apply filters, or remove unwanted elements.

Although there may be other gear that you want to take with you, try not to pack too much equipment. Keep in mind that whatever you do pack you’re going to have to carry when you go on your trip – so stick to the essentials wherever possible.


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