Terrace fashion over the decades

Terrace fashion over the decades & casual culture clothing – Alan Wills

While the game of football still adheres to the same basic rules in England, a great deal has changed over the course of the last 60 years.

From fashion and style to the cost of being a committed football fan, today’s supporters have little in common from those who visited stadiums in the wake of the Second World War.

The pace of the game and the philosophy of players have also changed considerably during this time, with football played in a much quicker and more aggressive fashion while top-flights performers are also far less likely to mix with working class fans in

All of these factors have combined to change the typical experience of a football fan, although not all of these alterations have been for the better. The most obvious difference is the fashion sense of football fans, with the use of casual clothing and sportswear now commonplace on the terraces. This is a far cry from terrace fashion of thin the 50’s, which despite the dark times of post-war oppression encouraged fans to dress smartly in work attire, flat caps and iconic trilbies.

Instead, the rise of casual terrace fashion began in the 1960’s, as the arrival of Manchester United legend George Best created a unique fusion between football and fashion. This trend then took hold fully in the 1980’s, while it has continued to this day as football fans continue to wear the latest in casual and sports brands. While the evolution of terrace fashion over the decades may be good news for fans, it is offset by other, negative developments that have altered the overall experience.

Take the rising cost of tickets, for example, which has continue at pace despite the influx of television money that has made top flight clubs richer than ever before. Season tickets are particularly costly in London and the South of England, with some fans forced to spend in excess of £1500 to watch their favourite side throughout the year.

The cost of food has also risen exponentially, and while some may attribute this to the constantly increasing cost of living and the development of new and exciting match day foods these factors do not explain the sharp hike. This is something for clubs to keep in mind, as no amount of fan loyalty can turn the tide if supporters are suddenly unable to afford watching their team in action.

Terrace fashion over the decades & casual culture clothing – Alan Wills






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